Monday, August 12, 2013

Still Here, Still Running...

I know I have not written an entry nor recorded a video in a few months but things have been kind of busy around here; with major changes going on at my 9-5, kids being home and looking at me as their source of entertainment I just haven't had the time.

Any way, I have gained weight, lost weight, been in kind of a mild depression and through it all I have been forcing and when I say force I literally mean forcing myself to work out. My eating was not always on point but I never stopped moving. I should say despite my getting bored with my work out routine on top of everything I still kept moving.

In the midst of my "funk" or "mild depression" I did a whole lot of self examination...there were some aspects of me that I was not pleased with. There were some patterns that I have repeated over and over again that I needed to figure out how to stop. I knew where it all stemmed from I just really needed to figure out how to get past it. So I am now seeing someone that is helping me sort through everything and helping me to figure out how to move forth in a more functional manner within certain areas of my life.The self work is hard and at times extremely painful but I know I will be a much better person in the end.

I have also started back to meditating daily and I can say that has helped with my feeling more centered. Meditating has also helped with my sleeping better at night (over a month of sleepless nights). Yes!

I am beginning to get in an experimental mood. I am considering doing body wraps to see if they firm the skin and reduce cellulite  like I have heard/seen. Oh and I don't care what any one claims body wraps do NOT make you lose weight. The purpose of a body wrap is to tighten the skin and even that is temporary; you will need follow up wraps to maintain your results. If you want to lose weight eat right (80%) exercise (20%).

I have also been listening to my body. I had been feeling real sluggish and my face kept on breaking out. I ended up making note of the things I consumed and how I felt 1-2 hours after consumption. I found out that dairy was not my friend at all. My girlfriend hipped me to Paleo diet. I am not going to go all into it in this entry but I will in a separate entry complete with links and all that good stuff.  I feel so much better since I started eating Paleo. No more water retention. bloating, greatly reduced the facial breakouts and I have dropped weight.  So I am going to keep following the diet and see where it leads me.

I suppose that is all the updates. I for see my experiments coming to you in vlog form opposed to blog form so keep a look out. Until then you all be blessed and keep moving.