Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Some Thoughts: The Effect of Others

I went out yesterday to host my Tuesday evening standing run and quite honestly I did not feel like it. I was not feeling good, I had a sleepless night, have been dealing with some emotional hurt and all I wanted to do was feed my daughter and curl up in the bed. On top of feeling so bad it was starting to look as if I was going to be solo on that run.

I get to the trial early so I could let my daughter get some play time in on the play ground. While I waited to see if any one was going to show up a man, a creepy man at that approaches me puffing on a cigarette, asking me if I would run with him??? He was explaining to me that he was a beginner and that he was looking for people to run with. I wanted to tell him he might want to start by getting rid of the cigarettes but I already felt as though I was talking to an "unsub" and I did not want to make any contribution to being a ripped from the head lines story on Criminal Minds later on in this new tv season.

None the less it made me feel even more apprehensive about running and I was beginning to pile onto the list of excuses as to why I should go home and curl up in the bed. Until I saw a familiar and beautiful face of one of the ladies in my group, then I knew I had to stay. As the ladies began to come in for their run I realized it was do or die and dying is never an option for me folks, so I was just going with "do". I wanted to get in and get out. 

Tuesday night run turned out to be a monumental run for me; I ran non stop for over 3 miles. My group mates ran non stop for over 3 miles. I wanted to cry when I got back to our starting point but I was sweating so much I had no fluid in me left for tears. I had been struggling for weeks to get to the point where I could run non stop with out walking and it happened on a day when I was not feeling it. Our accomplishment and conversation that night made my night. It brought a joy and happiness to me that I really needed in that moment. I know that I had thank the ladies on our forum but I wanted to publicly say, thank you.

I know each of us was not feeling it that night due to what ever was going on in our individual lives at the time but it was each of us that made the issues non existent, at least for me. It all made me realize that being a member of Black Girls Run transcends beyond running. We are family in a sense; we support each other, we encourage each other, we help each other and celebrate each other. I don't think it gets any better than that.

Be blessed and to all a good night.  

The Dating Game: Ok Y'all I'm Officially In

After not having been in a serious relationship for some years I feel as though I'm really ready for a serious relationship....actually I want to get remarried. However, I understand that one has to date in order to marry annnnd the dating is the part I have always hated in the getting to that relationship point.

Since I have gotten to a place in my life where I want to have fun, I figured I would change my approach to dating and laugh. Laugh at the pitfalls and weirdos opposed to allowing it to make meeting the needle in the hay stack that much more of a painful process.

Hell, I laugh at half the stuff I have been through anyway like; the guy who brought his home boy with us on our date then tried to act like he wanted to skip out on paying the bill or the dude that ordered an appetizer for us to share...hilarious.

I'm just praying that "he" who finds me has really good character and a nice personality. If I find him appealing, can stand his flaws and we have chemistry then that is a good start. I'm going to start online and see what comes about...I'm open to and deserving of love from a good person. <~~~~ Speak it, know it, work on it and wait on God.

Anyway, my one concern with dating is the possible disruption of my flow. I have been doing so well in all areas of my life that I don't want to loose sight of that or let things fall by the way side just because I have a man in my life. When I was seeing my therapist she told me that I worry about that too much and I use it as an excuse not to put myself out there to meet someone. Gosh, she reads me a little too well. :-/

I suppose that part of the process is really vocalizing what is what in my life out side of my children. Yes, children are a given importance; at least they should be. However, working out/running is important to me as well. This man will have to either be active, supportive of my being active or both. I suppose I should just stop over thinking this whole thing, put that on the list and stop trying to find excuses not to find a husband (or allow my husband to find me). :)

So, get your carrots, celery sticks, yogurt and berries, pull up a seat and wait for some interesting up dates. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Insanity: I Fell Off The Wagon...

What do you get when you place a Gemini into a redundant activity? A bored Gemini that is looking to move onto the next task, the next work out in this case. Granted I had a work out schedule where I took the same classes each week on the same day of the week; but I had breaks in between classes and my instructors were always switching things up.

I can't say the same for screaming ass, keep your core tight ass all at 6 AM in the morning Shaun T. He is driving me crazy and though you rotate the work outs through out the week, the fact that I have to do this everyday leaves me bored out of my wits. I know when he is going to scream, I know the part of the work out where he has messed up and misses an "important" move, shoot I wouldn't be surprised if I knew all the plans God had for him..joke.

Anyway, I have not done the Insanity program in three days (as of the time this was written). I got back on it Sunday morning and I vow to push through it until the end. I only have a few more weeks left. Sigh, Jesus be a fence and a hedge of protection around my mind, my ears and my body.

Someone out there who has done this program in conjunction with another activity let me know how you made it through? Did you break your days up or did you bite the bullet and just did the damn thing?

Or is this at my door step saying, Suck it up Shaun and just do it???

Yeeessssssss and Gooooood Mornting to youuuu....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inner Conflict: Me vs. My Thoughts. Did I Do The Right Thing?

I will always stand by a few things; I know a lot about a lot of things. I love to learn and when I come upon a subject that peaks my interest I will immerse myself into it and become well versed on it to make sure that it is something that is beneficial to me and others. I'm not perfect. A perfectionist? Oh yes! Perfect? No. I will always be a work in progress as I grow and allow for God to continue to transform me into who he intends for me to be. I know my intention is to be a better person and the best in everything I do but I'm sure God has something greater in mind for me than I have for myself (the same goes for you too). ;-)

With all of that I hate and I'm working on changing that inner struggle. You know that struggle where you make a hard choice, or make a major decision and for what ever reason you begin to second guess that choice/decision and you begin to wonder, did I do the right thing?? I had those moments recently in deciding to remove someone from my life.

I take people and relationships that I have seriously. I try my hardest to make even the most dysfunctional relationship work (being a warm person is a double edge sword) but now that I am at a point in my life where I want to surround myself with positive people that I know with out any doubt have my best interest at heart and are genuinely supportive of me as I am of them; I realized some folk(s) had to go. I have had a lot of loss with in the last few months and it made me realize that life is really short.  In knowing life is short makes me want to spend time with people that value the time they spend with me and that I have a genuine connection with. I want to live my best life and enjoy it with as little pain, minimal negativity and zero anger as possible.

So when it came to cleaning out my life and disconnecting myself from this person, though I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of me, my life seemed less hectic, I was happier and doors began to open for me; I still wondered if I did the right thing? The one thing I can say about God is he speaks through the people that are in your life so when I began to second guess myself last week about that particular situation this popped up in my Facebook feed...

After reading this I began to think about the role that person played in my life and how she had made me feel through out the years we have been acquainted with each other, which made me realize. I did the right thing for me. I recently posted a Facebook status saying that " is trying to remind myself that as I continue to dwell in this new season that I am in; I can't take every one with me, I will lose some people as a result of my growth and I'm completely ok with that. Reason, season or lifetime..."  

Ok then, I have to own that and be ok with it and I will continue to work on being solid in my choices. A work in progress I am and God is so not done with me yet. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Up Next: Baaa De Yaaa Dancing In September!!

LOL! Sorry couldn't resist I'm a big Earth, Wind and Fire fan. :)

Can you believe it?! The end of August is quickly approaching (yes my kids go back to school *holy ghost dance*) and soon September will be here.

As I'm sitting here reading my Real Simple Magazine they had an interesting article in the September 2012 issue on switching up your work out to prevent work out boredom that grabbed my attention because it hit some of the topics I recently had conversation (s) about with others a few weeks ago.

September will be the month of the Guinea Pig as I will be testing some things out and letting you know whether you should run out and get it or just leave it right in the store. I will also be blogging about other subjects that I have been slow to blog (procrastination) about like Barefoot/Minimalist Running, life changes (shedding old friends habits, getting back to dating, oh my!), running in the cold weather, maybe a give away contest and a plethora of other things.

With out further ado....

Fit Bit is an activity manager. You clip it onto you pants, shirt or the inside of your bra and go on about you day, along with wearing it at night while you sleep. It uses ultra sensitive movement monitors to track your every movement such as; your distance, calories burned, time spent exercising every step you take, every move you make, every breathe you take this little thing is tracking you, 24/7. It can sync all the wonderful information to a computer or your smart phone. The one thing that makes me feel like it is worth the money for me to spend is that it syncs with *squeals*, and it can also sync with any other calories tracking program you use as they have a list of applications. Also, I have sleep issues so it would be interesting to see how my sleep pattern really is a night. 

There are other devices out there that are like Fit Bit; Body Bugg and Body Media Fit both devices seem to come in the form of a wrist or arm band that you wear throughout the day and both products provide you with an iPhone or Android app so you can manage your progress with your smart phone. Out of these two products Body Media Fit is the only one the also can be worn during sleep to measure the quality of your sleep.  The draw back I find to both devices is that you have to purchase a monthly subscription in order to log your food intake along with managing you calories burned. I have looked all over both sites and it seems as though syncing to outside apps is not an option. The subscription prices range from $7 a month and up.

The actual devices start at $99 but I'm sure if you go to or then you should be able to find the device at a small discounted price. I will be ordering my Fit Bit at the end of the week and provide updates as I use it through out the next few months.


Myo Therapy Ball

I have a slightly smaller version of this ball in my car. My daughter has been playing with it for years and I have been trying to figure out what the hell the purpose of it is and I have asked, "what is this thing used for?". I have been told it was used to for the dryer to help keep the clothes separated while drying, I was told it was a dog toy and my daughter thinks it is her personal toy; only to find out it is a ball that is used to massage those hard to reach muscle areas in order to get rid of those aches and pains that one can get when they work out. *blink, blink* Yeah I have heard of the foam roller but I don't want that taking up space in my house. I can easily throw a ball some where and retrieve it. Once the kid goes to sleep I'm going to get this little muscle soother out of the car and start rolling on some areas that I have unsuccessfully tried to stretch out over the last few weeks. We shall see how it works. If it works perfectly fine than I will purchase a larger one and hide it so it won't end up being claimed as a toy. 

So far these are some of the products I will be testing out for September and most likely there will be more. I need to start looking for a fall jacket to work out in so I will be looking at some deals from my favorite places and sharing them with you so you all can start putting your fall and winter work out gear together. Yeah, just because the weather is about to turn does not mean you need to retreat indoors completely or stop/slow down your work out. 

Until then, be blessed...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Tip: Say Click! Take A Pic!

This is a meal I made a few weeks ago. If you want to the recipe, just leave a comment saying, "what's in it?" in the comment box:)

Often times you will see me at family cookouts, parties and restaurants whipping out my iPhone and taking a picture of my plate. No, no I'm not going to post it all over FaceBook as food porn; I'm going to look at it later so I can log in my food for that meal. Though I have issues eating all of my daily calories let's not get it twisted I do LOVE food and I prefer to eat my food opposed to sitting at the table trying to get everything that is on my plate into app. 

So if you are seriously tracking what you are eating then whip out your phone and get a quick picture of your plate and/or drink and when you have time later on (or while you are letting your food digest) log in your food. 

A quick tip I thought I would share stay tuned for more. Until next time be blessed and choose to be happy. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

After Work Out Treat...

LOL! I hope you did not think I was coming to you with something yummy?! Yeah you thought it was something yummy. Nope! Some one in my BGR group posted a fun game in the forum asking, when we run what goes through our mind? Most times it can be a few things; I need to call my Daddy, have him come pick me up and take me back to my car, Is he looking at my butt...snickers....yeah he's looking, Come on Shaun you can do it. Make it around this bend, now make it to that stop sign, and when you get home that peppermint soap is going to feel sooooo goood, so let's do this.

The soap feels good, tingly all over and I find it is really soothing to my muscles. I prefer the liquid version of this soap but I picked up the bar because it so happened to have been on sale. I like bath and body products that make me not only smell good but feel good, especially after a hard work out. Right now I'm looking for a really good, smell good, feel good yet yummy bath and body product I can look forward to coming home to after a run; I feel as though I need to expand my collection. 

I'm looking for soaps, creams, butters and lotions. If you know of a good brand, product or scent leave it in the comment box below.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Results Of Laziness...

A Hot Grilled Tilapia the result of yesterday's laziness along with being plain ole busy. 
I was working from home and most times when I work from home I get so busy that I forget to eat. Well yesterday my stomach was growling and there was no way I was going to be surviving on snacks for the rest of the day, yet I did not feel like thawing anything out and cooking.

That is when I opened the freezer and realized I had this...

Yes! I remembered I picked it up because 1) it was on sale and 2) I needed to make sure I had something quick and healthy on hand. 
I had to eat it with something so I ran to the fridge and grabbed these items...

I put a Tablespoon and a half of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the pan set it on medium heat. In the mean time I cut up my onion, pepper (half the pepper) and garlic (one clove)....

And I sauteed the onion, pepper and garlic together...

Added my Spinach...about 1/12 to 2 cups...

Mix and toss until the spinach is wilted (add your favorite spices and seasonings for extra flavor). plate it up, take your fish out the oven and place it on top of your veggies and there you have it...

Hot Grill Tilapia Salad....

And yes it was delicious...

Be blessed!

Products I Love: Tide Sport

I went grocery shopping last Saturday morning and as I was walking down the laundry detergent aisle I had to back track because this caught my eye...

Tide Sport! I kind of gave an eye roll to it because I know companies tend to get gimmicky when it comes to targeting their products to a certain group or demographic and the product is normally no different than what they already have to offer. Like, when Tide came out with the Tide with Downy line...I bought it and hated it. My clothes did not come out as fresh as if I were to have purchased regular scented Tide and April Fresh Downy separately.

Yes, I'm a fanatic for clean clothes and laundry. I'm also very particular about the things I use and buy. I treat products just like I treat customer service; if it is bad then you won't ever have to worry about me supporting or giving my business to that establishment or product again. I don't care if you are giving it away for free, if it is not good then I don't want it. 

Despite my skepticism I went a head and purchased a small bottle. I figured it would help with maintaining my moisture wicking tees and clothing; through they work wonders in keeping me cool and dry they tend to leave a smell behind after the sweat has long since evaporated.  Since I had a pile of work out clothes to wash I figured it was good timing. I went ahead and used it thinking it better work or Tide was going to get another long lengthy letter of complaint (with a request for refund) with a copy of my receipt. I can say I was pleasantly worked. My clothes came out a whole lot more fresher then when I use regular Tide. 

I opened up my dryer to take some clothes out for a work out and I was hit with this fresh, fragrant smell. OMG! My work out clothes have never smelled so good. I mean I was literally doing my lil dance over's the little things that make me happy. Ok?? Anyway, the freshness lasted through out my Insanity work outs which are my hardest and sweatiest works out through out the week. So if my moisture wicking shirts aren't funky after this work out (and they were just as fresh as when I took them out of the dryer) then this product gets my seal of approval, my highest recommendation (5 Hearts) and maybe a letter to Tide singing it's praises. 

 I spent $7.99 for the bottle and at first I intended to only use it for my work out clothes but the smell is so fresh that I will be using it to wash clothes with period.. If you find that the majority of you laundry consists of work out clothes,  if you work out heavily and frequently, or if you just like a long lasting fresh smell to your clothes then you might want to consider picking this up. 

If you pick it up email me at and let me know how you like it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Progression In Pics...

"Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.” ~Ralph Marston

There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.~Ronald Reagan

37lb to go in order to hit goal weight...let's do this...

I Can't Be The Only One....

That picks out and color coordinates their running outfit the day before they are about to go out and run. I just can't be the only person that does this. Hell I do this for all work outs. LOL!

One thing I have to fully admit to is that vain part of me. That part of me that wants to look cute even in a time where I am going to be dripping with sweat, hair all poofy from sweating profusely, big sweat spots on my shirt and at times my pants.

I don't know what it is I just want to make sure I am extra cute in that moment. Over all how I look makes me feel even better about going to work out and that is most important; especially for those days that I really, really don't feel like going. I change into my carefully put together work out gear and I feel like a new woman, completely transformed, like I can go out and lift a ton of weights...ummm ok more so like I can go out and push myself a little further than I did the in my previous work out (and I do walk taller).

Oh and don't let there be a race coming up over the weekend, that would warrant me to go shopping for a few pieces to make sure I set my outfit off right. I guess this is a good attitude/habit to have considering the ladies I run with are some picture taking, picture posting sistas.

I have to be up at 6:30AM for this run folks. Be blessed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Experimenting In The Kitchen: Peach Mango Smoothie!

I came in Saturday morning from my 6:30 AM group run. I was feeling a little hungry yet I did not feel like whipping out the egg whites, veggies and what not especially since I had to go back to the grocery store and finish the rest of my grocery shopping.

I some times make smoothies after a run. They can be fruit or fruits and greens mixed but after this morning I wanted something light and refreshing. What did I come up with???

Yep! Peach and Mango!

If you have a heavy duty blender then you don't have to cut the your fruit up into small cubes. I left the skin on my peach; normally that is where the most nutrients reside. I only cut enough mango to measure out to a full cup. 

Pour a cup of milk into the blender and add your ingredients ( I throw a half to a full pack of Stevia in there for a little extra sweetness). I use skim milk but you can use what ever milk you like. I have used vanilla flavored soy and almond milk for my smoothies previously to using skim milk. Once I find non fat soy milk I will be going back to using the soy milk.

Blend it of course. :) If you want your smoothie to be ice cold then you can always chop up your fruit and stick it in the freezer prior going out or you can always throw a few ice cubes in there. I don't like ice so I try to throw it in the freezer or use frozen fruit that I already have on hand. 

Serve it up! This was really good. Light and refreshing!

You can tailor you smoothies to your liking and if you feel like going the distance you can throw in some spinach (you won't taste the spinach) for some extra nutrients. 

According to the recipe creator used via this smoothies is 255 calories.

Have a blessed day on purpose!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Was I Really That Fat? Or, Have I Gotten Too Small???

Normally, I don't care what others think of me because I'm someone who dances to the beat of her own tune. But sometimes there are somethings people say and do in reaction to my transformation that may throw me off from time to time. Like yesterday morning, I rolled back into the office after a week of working from home and the security guard at the front desk checking badges looks at me in sheer amazement and says, "You have come downnnn, You have really, really come downnnnn, I mean wayyyy downnnnn.". *looks from side to side* Was I that big? Or, have I lost a lot more weight than I have really noticed???

I know that when we lose weight we can't see the small changes that occur within out frame or we still look at the things that we want gone. When I get out the shower I still look at my stomach hard like I'm trying to will it gone, like I'm trying to shrink it using telekinesis so maybe I'm missing something. One of my BGR goup mates and weightloss Shero suggested that every 10lbs I lose take a picture of myself so I can track the difference in loss. See I would do that but for me the scale hasn't been moving because I have hit the dreaded P word. I have pla..pla... plateaued! UGH! Granted I have noticed that some of my clothes are looser than were before so maybe I need to start measuring myself. *shrugs*

I will figure it all out and when I do I will be sure to let you all know.  If you have any tips, tricks or reaction stories you would like to share, leave it in the comments section. Until then be blessed and choose to be happy. :)

Products I Love: Laughing Cow Cheese

I remember my mom would buy this as a child while she was on weight watchers and as a real cheese lover I felt as though Babybel was entirely too salty for my liking. So now that I'm older I have grown to like it and it has become a God send of sorts. 

Babybel has become a real handy low calorie snack for me during the day and it is a good source of dairy. The only draw back is that it does not melt all that well and I like to use this cheese in my omelets and taco salads. None the less I make it do what it do.

Considering I don't like light or fat free cream cheese, the Laughing Cow wedges are a very good substitute. You can also use it as a substitute for mayo. You can have your cheese and creaminess all at the same time.

If you find that you actually need a real slice of cheese in you life try the Lorraine Swiss, less calories, less fat and tastes oh so good.

Happy snacking folks until next time, peace and blessings.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nutrition: The Transition

I know the transition to healthy eating is hard, really hard. In talking to friends the complaints range from; I love food to much, I don't have any will power to it costs to much too eat right. Yes, yes it does cost a little more to eat right...I finally went to the grocery store Thursday evening and spent $80 on fruits, veggies, diary products etc; and only came out with four bags. 

I kind of figured out how to make healthy eating affordable. In stead of buying fresh I buy frozen fruits and veggies that I eat on a daily basis; if they are on a very good sale I will stock up, bring them home wash and freeze them for later use. Saves me a lot of money. Chicken, fish and ground turkey (I don't eat beef) I purchase those on sale as well and freeze them. Hmmmm I think I need a deep freezer....

Ok, enough about me this is about you. First things first track what you are eating. Whether it be by journal, website or app ( is my personal favorite) track it. Tracking your intake helps you keep track not only of what you are eating but it helps determine if you are taking in the proper amount of calories in order to lose the weight. It also helps you track your carbs, fat and activity as well; a one stop shop. 

Now if you feel you can't make the transition cold turkey then don't. Make the transition over a period of time as every small change makes a big difference in the end. Try cutting out drinking soda and juice for two weeks; only drink water (if you don't like the taste of plain water use a little bit of this), then swap out your fatty snacks for fresh fruit and/or veggies for another two weeks, then start formulating healthier meals the next two weeks all the while continuing the habits you started previously. Go for the gusto and start adding activity to what you have consistently started doing.

I know most people are busy, like me, and it is often hard to get those meals (struggling with getting enough food in) and activity in; draft up a schedule and block off some time for yourself. I have the gym class schedule posted on my refrigerator so I know what class is when and I have highlighted the classes that I am going to take on particular days and times. Now that I've completely lost my mind and started doing the Insanity workout I have the Insanity schedule up on the refrigerator with my run days marked off on it. Have your schedule hanging some where so it can be a constant reminder of where you need to be (your "me" time) and when. For those that have kids, take them with you! A walk around the neighborhood is not going to hurt them and it will also allow for family/bonding time with them as well start promoting healthy habits.

Pack a bag with your work out clothes in it and change prior to leaving work so you can go straight to the gym or place where you work out. I swear I'm the bag lady at work for real; I come in with my laptop bag, food bag and my gym back all at once.

Get into meal planning. I found that when I plan meals for the next few weeks I can better budget my grocery money. If I cook dinner then I make sure I make a little extra for me to pack for my lunch the next day or to have for dinner the next night. I also make sure to pack my snacks for the day as well and to have my water bottle (s) sitting in the refrigerator for me to grab and pack in the morning. I also make sure I have additional snacks in my snack drawer at work, those vending machines are the damn devil with a pitch fork calling me (plus just in case I forget to pack enough snacks).

No don't completely deprive your self, once you get into the swing of things learn how to make low fat/calorie versions of the things you love or throw a cheat meal on your schedule.  I said meal not day let's not get out of control here. I have a cheat meal schedules at least two times a  month (bi weekly schedule).

So here is an example of what I pack, mind you I only eat meat once a day... 

Snack bag of carrots, two to three pieces of fruit, cheese or yogurt, maybe some crackers,salad, dressing, water,water, water and my actual lunch which would consist of rice (or bread), steamed or sauteed vegetables and chicken/fish/turkey. I keep the to go peanut butter cups, tea, crystal light and baked cheese puffs in my snack draw.

Yes by the time I leave for the day I have eaten just about everything in my bag and I'm not hungry at all. 

I hope this helps someone in their transition. I know it is a hard move to make but it will be better for you in the end, oh and you can do it. You know that? Right?

Stayed tuned for some of my favorite products. Be blessed. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Insanity Workout...It's Insane...

I would like to thank God for bringing me through week one of Insanity. I'm starting my second week of the Insanity work out program. It's challenging to say the least. The method to the madness that is Insanity is that you perform at higher intervals longer with short breaks in between. A lot of the work out is a combination of cardio and calisthenics (he throws some modified yoga moves in there as well). During the work out you are instructed to contract your core (abdominal area) and pull a lot of your strength from that area so in retrospect you are tightening your abs as you are working out.

I can say that I hesitate to get started every morning because it is that intense but I know I can do it, so I get up and do it. Now when you get to the intense portions of the work out or what he calls "suicide" you are instructed to do as much as you can and take breaks as needed, especially when you are not keeping good form. It is important to maintain good form to reduce injury and as someone who has injured themself from working out trust me take heed to it; do the warm up, do the stretching and check your form. If you have a heart rate monitor use it to check your heart rate. There are some apps on iPhone that use the phone's camera to read heart rate by placing your index finger over it. There is also another app that can read your heart rate just by reading you face through the camera.

Some other tips for getting through the Insanity work always before starting this work out check with your doctor. I normally don't take heed to that but with this work out in particular because of the intensity and the fact that there is very little modification of the moves I would consult your doctor.

Once you get cleared or you feel healthy enough to jump right in I would suggest the following...oh and as always it is in no order of importance because it is all important :)...let's go!

1. Do the fit test. The fit test is a good way to track the progress of your endurance through out the program. It is supposed to be done every two weeks. During the fit test do what you can. I look at this work out like I look at other fitness activities; you have to build your endurance to get to that advanced state within that activity.

2. Try it before you give up. Some of the moves you will see will make you just stand there and be like I can't do that. Well you won't know if you can until you try and how are you going to build up to doing it if you don't try to do it?? Try it once and if there can be a modification to it then alternate between the way Shaun T does it and your modification. Try to increase how much you do it the proper way with out modification with each work out. (i.e. push up and some of the floor work can be modified everything else...nope.)

3. In conjunction with #2 do as much as you can. If you can only do 15 Power Jumps then rest and try to do more and the next time you do the work out try to increase the number of Power Jumps and decrease the amount of times you have to stop and rest. Yes it's intense shoot even his people fall out, walk off set and say they feel like "shit" on camera mind you so try to power through as much as you can but know it is ok to stop and rest.

4. Have plenty of water on hand. Plenty, plenty of water. I can easily go through two 32oz jugs of water doing one 44 minute work out, easily. Oh and you are going to want to have a small towel near by, seriously sweat is going to be dripping. I am about to stop wearing shirts during this work out. Since I'm in the house it will just be me, my work out leggings and my sports bra. I sweat to much to wear anything else.

5. Do the warm up, cool down and stretches. For starters it is all important once again you want to reduce your risk of injury. Also Shaun T is slick! LOL! He has made the warm up to be a part of the actual work out. The warm up is the work out routine and as you go through the work out you just increase your speed and intensity of what you did in the warm up. He will then stop in the middle for stretching and then your last work out will be something different. After that last work out you will go into a cool down and stretch. I kind of like that because he is making you warm up, stretch and cool down.

6. Not be repetitive but check your form. If you find you are losing your form, stop, rest and get back to it. Again, you don't want to injure yourself and be down for how ever long it will take for that injury to heal. Take heed so you can work out another day.

Though it is only been a week  i'm beginning to see some transformation in my body, which I'm pleased with. I'm am going to push through the rest of the program (mind you I'm still running as well) so I will come back in with periodic updates; especially as I go into month two of the work out because those work outs last an hour and seem to be more intense.

Please leave comments below with your questions, tips and tricks for getting through the Insanity Work out program. Until next time be blessed!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things I don't Understand...

Don't pay me any mind this is something that I have been trying to wrap my brain around since I have immersed myself into getting fit and being healthy...but last night while I was trying to go to sleep I had an asthma attack and had to come down stairs and get my inhaler.  I was like what the hell?! Normally my attacks have been stress related, allergy related or exercise related. I have never experienced an attack at night, at bed time. Granted I also have not gotten the daily inhaler the doctor prescribed for me to take in order to prevent the attacks. Yeah I know, hard head makes for a soft behind and the pharmacy messed up with filling it today so I'm going to another pharmacy to have it filled.

My question is, why does it seem that as soon as I lose the weight and begin to dedicate my life to healthier living, I start experiencing health issues? Things weren't like this before I lost the weight. Granted my knees hurt, I had no energy and I was tired just from walking up a few stairs but otherwise I was healthy (as healthy as one could be). I wonder if it had anything to do with me turning 35??? I have been told that things start to fall apart after the age of 35. But dang that is part of the reason why I started working hard at this healthy living, mind, body and soul prior to my 35th birthday was to diminish avoid my health falling to pieces.

Sprained toes (sprained my toes twice), pulled leg muscle and asthma none of which I will allow to stop me I will prevail.

I hope you push/work through what ever you are dealing with or otherwise. There is gold at the end of the rainbow.

Be blessed.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nutrition: Emotions in Weightloss


Many years ago, about 11 years to be exact. I lost approximately the midst of a very hard and some what nasty divorce. After having been home with my twin boys for two years I had reentered the work force as...a weightloss counselor. :) I worked for LA Weightloss for well over a year and I learned a lot working with people who were struggling with their weight. I mean I struggled with my weight since I was a child with my pediatrician having placed me on my first diet at the age of six; but nothing really brings home the struggle and change one experiences when they go through a major transformation such as weightloss.

It is more than a physical change it is an emotional change as well. Not only do you have to get used to the new you but you also have to address all the emotional things that makes one comfortable with keeping the weight on. I'm not talking about people who have 20 maybe 25 pounds to lose I'm talking about people who have 30, 40 plus pounds to lose.

Granted even though I have helped people work through the issues they encounter in order for them to be successful with losing the weight and keeping it off, I myself forget sometimes and have to remind myself that this is a process. An easy process it is not by any means, especially when your self esteem is not the best, you don't have a good support system and/or you are trying to figure out who you are and how you fit in the world with this new body, new attention and new attitude. It's not easy dealing with people in your life who remember where you were and either don't like the change you have made, don't like the new person you have become and those that may try to bring you back to the point of where you were before for what ever reason; that is hard. 

In being honest and transparent...when I first lost weight I was going through it and I mean through it. Let me preference this by saying my ex husband and I were young, very young when we got married. I do believe that people have the ability to change over the years so this is in no way reflective of the person I know him to be today...he is an excellent father...always has been always will be and we have a good friendship to this day. As my husband from the period of 95-01?? That is a different story.

The relationship was an abusive one...physically and emotionally. At the time I was devastated when he left but in hind sight I was better off for it. Like I said we were both young when we were married and had no concept of  what it was to be husband and wife nor did we have a sense of self identity. After I had my boys I decided that I really wanted to lose the weight and went on Meridia for assistance. I joined the gym and began to work out, changed my eating habits...I was beginning to come out of the bottomless pit that was my self esteem and I had a new found confidence that I never knew I had.

As I began to drop the pounds I had to deal with parental issues and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life among other things. After having to quit my job to stay home with kids, my husband trying to dictate whether I worked or not, what was left of my identity at that point was being somebody's wife and mother. I had no outlet, no outside interests it was my husband and the kids.

Eventually I did go back to school and even in that I had to figure out what I wanted to do...I can't even tell you how man times I have changed my major. LOL! I was in the midst of trying to figure who I was as a person; my likes, my dislikes, what I would stand for and what I wouldn't stand for; all this on top of losing a large amount of weight and being left by my husband with two children. Yes I had a lot to work through. I realized that holding onto the weight was comforting to me because it was easier for me to keep people away, or so I thought. 

In my mind I got less attention when I was carrying the weight, however in reality that was not the truth. See? I had to change everything; how I saw myself, my attitude and my thinking. What helped me get through this period of my life?? Prayer, consistent constant prayer and a journal. I wrote, wrote everything down and I had to work through it. I had to realize that I could not allow the things that have happened to me dictate who I am as a person, how I view myself, how I lived my life and how I manage my weight. People let's not be deceptive either about this being a one hitter quitter as it is a life long and on going process.

 It is 11 years after all that went down and I still struggle with some things. I still have days when I don't feel my best or I don't feel as pretty as I did the day before. I still have habits and patterns that I work hard to break, I still have days when I second guess myself....hell I'm second guessing whether I should be publishing this entry or being as transparent as I'm being. But I have to remind myself of a few things every day, one of which is my personal motto, a personal question I have to ask myself; how can I be a blessing to others?? It's just that simple. How can I bless/help someone?  In that case I suppose all this isn't really about me then, now is it?? :)

The other things that I have to remind myself of?? I'm blessed, I'm beautiful, I am deserving of love and all that is good, I'm confident, I'm healthy, I'm happy and I'm in control over maintaining it all.

My, my my this was not the entry I intended on writing it really wasn't but I wrote it for someone out there and I hope it helps that someone.

Products I Love: Friction Stick


I wear running skirts/skorts and even eventually I will be transitioning into wearing running shorts into my fitness wardrobe. The thing that has deterred me from wearing skirts, skorts and shorts is that my inner thighs rub together. Yes, yes even after losing almost 50lbs my thighs still rub together and where there is consistent friction there is chaffing and pain. One of the ladies in my running group had suggested this Gold Bond Friction Defense product but I was not quite sure about it until I put my running skort on for the first time and began to walk around in it. 

Whew! Baby bye! As my thighs began to rub together I knew that if I did not go out and get some thing to slather on them before I went out running I was going to be sorry later on. So I ran to Walgreens and grabbed this Friction Defense I put it on prior to my run and it WORKS! This product is a dream! It goes on clear, has no smell, does not stain and it washes off easily. What more could I ask for? I know there is something else out there called the Glide Stick however, I have looked for it and I was not able to find it any where in my area so I would have to purchase it online, which doesn't work for me. I need to be able to get what I need quick fast and in a hurry and for some reason it is more money online than purchasing Friction Defense at my local Walgreen or Walmart. 

None the less what ever works for you use it but if you are looking for something then I strongly recommend this product. Happy running, walking or what ever you do to be fit and may you be blessed. 

Night Time Running Safety


Ok Folks it is starting to get dark earlier as the days pass by. We started our run a little late this evening and of course we I got caught in the dark on the trail. To make matters worse my cell phone died on me the last mile of my daggone run.UGH! 

After I finished my run I realized that I was ill prepared for night time running. I'm going to drop some tips not just for night time but for general safety purposes (this is in no order of's all important)...

1. Make sure your phone is completely charged and working properly. Granted the phone cutting off is a mere inconvenience when it comes to tracking my pace, mileage and calories. However, what if something happened? What if I was attacked? Injured myself on the trail? How would I call for help? So yes please make sure your phone is fully charged prior to going out. 

2. Mace/Pepper Spray ladies, my ladies carry it with you. Make sure it is accessible to you, just in case you have to spray a fool.

3. No pony tails. I know you may not want to sweat out your perm, mess up the weave, risk your hair reverting and pony tails are easier than wrapping your hair up. But a pony tail is a safety risk as someone can grab you by your pony tail and garner full control over you. 

4. Turn the music down! I know we have certain songs that we like and get up pumped off of. Hey there have been times when I caught myself dancing on the run trail opposed to running. What?! Don't judge me. LOL! But you need to be aware of your surroundings. You can't hear someone coming up on your out the bushes if you can't hear them coming. *shhhh with the pepper spray* Spray, run, call the po po (police).

5. Once again be mindful of your surroundings and who is around you or may be watching you. Especially if you are running with a group and you all get separated.

6. Wear reflective clothing. Wear reflective accessories, vests arm bands, a string of battery operated Christmas lights (just kidding), something to where you can be seen by bikers and drivers.

7. Run with a partner or a group. If you are out alone make sure someone knows exactly where you are going and what your route is. Make sure someone is waiting or expecting you at the end of your run. Whether they are at the trail or you have to call someone to check in please set up a system. The run does not matter if you get snatched up or ran over. Strive to live in order to run another day.

8. If you are running on the street please make sure you are running the inner most park of the shoulder or run on the inner most part of the side walk. Definitely make sure you are following number 6.

9. Take a self defense class. Makes it a Self Defense class party and invite all your friends. Learn how to defend yourself in the event some one tries to attack or they get entirely to close to you to where you have to open up a can of whip azz on them. Yes kick that azz, get/run to a safe place and call the po po (police).

10. Try to get your run in before the sun goes down.

11. Make sure you have some sort of ID or identification tag on you. 

12. If it is legal in your state STUN GUN. YES!

13. Don't let the cord to your ear buds hang out (bad habit of mine) if you can, run the ear buds up through the sleeve of your shirt so the cord will be out of site and no one can come and snatch you by the cord. 

I'm going to throw in a bonus; Car safety...

Don't let people see you put your personal belongings like you wallet, purse or money in the trunk or any where in your car. If you are going to store those items in your car please place them there prior to leaving your home to go to your run route. 

Don't leave your personal belongings visible inside your vehicle. The most wonderful time of the year(holiday season) is quickly approaching and you know that is the time the thieves are breaking into vehicles...summers and holidays I swear it brings them out. 

If you are in a group please don't leave until every one is in their cars safely and rolling out the parking space. I loved it tonight, we waited for our group mate to get her baby and her stroller in the car. No one budged or took their eye off of her until she was in her car, with seat belt on and rolling out of her parking spot. Be your sister's keeper. 

Now in being some what silly...gentlemen...I see you on the trail and yes some of you are looking quite good. If you feel as though you see some one that might peak your interest on the run trail; meet him/her at the end of the trail in a heavily populated area. Approaching someone on the trail is not cute, nor is it safe for them or you; for if they have been reading this blog they will be stun gunned packing, maced up, pepper sprayed down, self defense fresh in their head awaiting to unleash it all on you. Don't do it, don't do it. Heavily populated area in front of his/her friends so we can judge it ahem I mean see it. *looks from side to side* :)

I hope some of these tips help you out to run another day.

Be safe out there and be blessed.

Run Forrest! Run!


I have seen the  movie Forrest Gump fifty million times since it has come out and every time it got to the point in the movie where Forrest was running, my friends and I laughed; we mimicked him.

It was not until after the report I got from my daughter's doctor today that I ACTUALLY understood where his need to run in the latter part of the movie stemmed from. You know that part in the movie when Jenny (as Forrest pronounces it Jennay) came back home to Alabama, spent time with Forrest, shared sweet moments with him, shared herself with Forrest then rolled out like a thief in the night. When Forrest woke up to the disappointment that the love of his life left him with no good bye, see you later, eff you, thanks for the roll in the hay nothing of course his feelings were crushed. How did he deal with it? He ran, and ran. Or according to him, "I was running, and running and running and running" *snickers*

Any way! When I got blind sided by the recommendations (and her doctor's thoughts) from my daughter's doctor today all I wanted to do was run. I wanted to run until her words stopped rolling around my head, I wanted to run until it all kind of made sense, I wanted to run until I fully processed it and accepted it...I just wanted to run until the whole conversation was a distance memory in my mind and everything I was feeling was gone. 

Granted, her doctor's assessment was not life threatening but it was potentially life altering. The thing that got me was that I thought we were doing sooo good. It is like running and then you find yourself at the beginning of a big hill, you take the hill thinking that either on the other end is flat pavement or it is all down hill then flat pavement only to find out that it is really a huge and long hill or after you go down hill there is another large hill waiting right there for you to climb; I was in no way prepared for the out come. *sigh*

Running is....

My therapy. Running I maintain a sense of mental stability. Running for my mind, body and spirit. Running I over come life's road blocks.

I named this blog and my company Running Is... because I want for people to formulate what it really is to them. What it does to them and for them besides creating a great body and aiding in a well functioning cardiovascular system. I want people to know that Running/fitness in general is something they can do...they can do anything, over come anything, find away around anything to live a happier and healthier life. 

I'm done and I'm praying that the storm let's up so I can go and run this out. If not there is always tomorrow. Until next time many blessings to you all. 

Gear, Gadgets and Accessories, OH MY!

Yes! These are my actual stats from the past 8 weeks. Word of caution, if you like gadgets and things that make life simplistic and convenient then by all means make a budget line just for running. Seriously if you are going to fully drink the "Kool Aid" (will explain in a future post but you catch the drift) and fully immerse yourself in this running thing then please know that it can cost. Between race registrations, buying new gear and replacing gear, GPS watches, arm bands, fuel belts, shoes, orthopedics, heart rate monitors etc it can all add up. 

Granted now a days with the state of our economy people don't have that extra $$$ to drop on this and a lot of people are of the mind set that running is "free" and essentially it is; BUT I like gadgets, I like gear, I love races therefore I budget and bargain shop for the things I want.
So any way let's start with applications; Nike + (we have a love hate relationship), RunKeeper, and Garmin are three GPS tacking apps that I am familiar with. Provided they are working properly *gives side eye to Nike and Runkeeper*, they will track your distance, pace, and how man calories you burn. They allow for you to listen to your own music that is already down loaded on your phone. You can also post your runs on Facebook and Twitter, along with a map of your run route. Nike has changed it's website to where you can map your run prior to going out on the trail, however they track it by the most trails or areas that are tracked in your area by other Nike+ users. Personally I like to use the tool takes some time to get the hang of using but it is effective and very accurate none the less.

I have not broken down and purchased a GPS watch as of yet because I have not felt the need to drop that amount of money on it as Nike + is doing me good thus far. These apps are available on iPhone and Android phone and tablets.

There are all kinds of belts you can purchase it just depends on what your need is. I just needed a regular old running belt to hold my ID, car key, mace (very important ladies) and my asthma inhaler. I lucked up and purchased one from Walmart it also has the toggles for holding your bib during races. The belt allows for me to run hands free without feeling as though I'm carrying my whole life in my hands and I love it.
For my long distance runners or runners who feel as though they need hydration during their run, fuel belts are great. I have seen all kinds of fuel belts and people tend to rave about this particular one above. As I begin to push my distance I'm considering one and I'm beginning to search for one as I need it to hold my things, including gels (we'll get to this later). Normally these will range from $20-$40 depending on where you get them from. To get the best bang for your buck I would try the following places:,, and Marshall's. 

Arm Bands!
Once again, I'm not one for carrying stuff with me when I run. When I first started out I was holding my phone in my hand or throwing it is the pocket of my jacket while running and can I say it was a pain. I finally broke down and purchased an arm band to hold my phone while I ran. As with fuel belts arm bands can range in pricing I got mine from for $5.99 and so far it has sustained me, however it has been scraping up against the back of my arm while I run leaving painful abrasions, so I'm clearly on the hunt for a new and more comfortable arm band. I will keep the one I currently have as a back up. You can find arm bands at:, (or your local Walmat store), and

Ladies, ladies, ladies ladiiiiessss...if you are like me then you want to look cute while out there getting your fitness on. Gents I'm not to sure if you all want to look good while out there or not but from what I have seen while in the gym and out on the run trail you all are looking pretty damn good...distracting even. LOL! Any way, I have been introduced to running skirts or skorts which I think I may need some getting used to them. My legs are for the most part big because I carry all my weight in the bottom (yessss hip, thigh and butt all around) so I am slowly trying to work my way to a comfort level where I can wear running shorts with out feeling self conscious about it. 

Moisture wicking is your friend people, remember I said in a previous post that "cotton is rotten" (there are some cotton shirts that are moisture wicking) from my experience cotton holds in the sweat, the article of clothing gets heavy and just sits against your skin and for me that is quite uncomfortable. Now with cotton socks your foot begins to slip as you perspire and this can cause blisters on your feet. Moisture wicking socks keep your feet from getting hot and allows the sweat to evaporate through the mesh in your shoes.  Additionally, wicking the moisture away from your body can help you stay cool through out your work out.

You can get moisture wicking shirts, tops, shorts, skirts, socks, pants and skorts from the following places: walmart, Marshall's (I got a pack of six for $5.99), TJ Maxx, Target, and Kmart. If you want to spend that extra $$$ for your items then you can hit the sports stores like Dick's, Modell's and Sports Authority. 

A good bra will make you feeeeeel goood. Yes it will as there is nothing worse than working out and having back and shoulder pains after wards because your girls were flopping out of control all over the place. In my opinion it doesn't matter how big or small your chest ladies are you still need a good sports bra. I have a thing for Champion and Jog Bra however I have heard that Moving Comfort has some great bras and the price is moderate to high. I have seen some nice, sturdy looking bras in Walmart so if your pockets are say. "No" to the Moving Comfort or Jog Bras then try Walmart and Target. Target sells a lot of Champion brand items so you are bound to find a good bra there. 

Head Gear!
Though I'm natural I still don't like for my hair to get wet, especially when I have it twisted up to do a twist out later on. It gets bushy in the midst of all the humidity and I can't deal with it. So I have invested in scarves and bandannas to wrap around my head in order to soak up the sweat. The scarves that I use are $1 from Walmart or any beauty supply store and they seem to work really well at keeping the sweat from rolling into my eyes and wetting up my hair. There is also moisture wicking head bandannas as well. I have not tired them to fully tell you if there is a difference between them and the cotton scarf but I'm ordering two the end of this week so stay tuned for an update. 

Though this may not be a complete list (there will be a list #2 soon) but this should be enough to get you started with arming yourself with everything you need to go deep into this thing called running and fitness. If you all have any additional questions just feel free to ask. Until next time you all be blessed.