The Technicalities...

Leshaun, has an MBA and works in a corporate business environment where some of her job duties consist of looking at cost effective ways to seek qualified candidates, streamlining, developing and implementing new business processes within the human resources department. She also serves as the social voice for her company through establishing and managing their careers' social media pages and page content. Leshaun is a wife, mother and avid runner that has discovered a knack for motivating and inspiring others to run, be healthy, be fit and happy.

The bottom line...

Why am I sharing my path (s) to my biggest accomplishments, broadcasting my frustrations with weight and my epic fitness/nutrition fails? I am someone who really wants to help people be the best that they can possibly be. After receiving many text messages, emails and inbox messages with compliments and questions about running I decided to create a place where I can; provide tips and write about the lessons I have learned; whether they were learned the easy way or the hard way. :)

Take what you can from my experiences, accomplishment and occasional pitfalls. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at runningis35@gmail.com. 

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