Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Training Alternative: Water Running

I mentioned in a previous entry that I have basically been grounded from training because I fractured my toe in a car accident. The doctor told me the only exercises I can perform are; elliptical, stationary bike (spinning) or water exercises.

When he said I can get in the water I immediately began to wonder if it would be possible to run in the water. I started doing my research and found a few good articles (see below) and Youtube videos on water running. I found out that water running ( mostly deep water running) is a good way for injured athletes to continue with their training with out further aggravating their injury. It is also a good way to train yet prevent injury to your muscles period. I felt this was a good option for me because it still allowed for me to train while my toe fracture healed.

I have been water running at least twice a week for the last two weeks and I must say, in my head it was easy to do. Water running is extremely challenging as you have to push against the resistance of the water. If you add weights to your work out then it makes it even more of a challenge. From previous entries you all know I tend to learn things the hard way so here are the lesson that I learn...if you are not a strong swimmer don't go in the deep end. If you go in the deep end wear a water jogging belt (aqua jogger) to help keep you a float or if you are not a swimmer at all I suggest you run in water deep enough to cover your shoulders yet maintain your balance or run in the shallow end of the pool. It's a great activity, good for training, cross training and speed work but risking drowning in the pool is not worth it.

Anyway, I got a pair of water shoes got into the water and once I got my bearings I started running. I have read a lot of different suggestions on how you should run. Some say run as if you are running on pavement, and some say run as if you were riding a bicycle, making sure you bring your knees high up to your chest. No matter which way you choose to run always maintain your form so you don't end up straining your back. I chose to run as if I'm riding a bike, this way is easier for me to perform with out putting much thought into it because I need to concentrate more on maintaining good form and not leaning forward to much in the water.

Overall I really like water running and I will continue to run in the water even after I'm released to run on pavement this week. I am strongly considering running two days on pavement and one, maybe two days in the water.

I will keep you updated on the transition back to pavement running after running in the water. I have heard it is not easy and I've heard the transition is not hard in the slightest.

If you want more information on water running here are some articles that may help....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sports Bras On A Budget

I swear every time I get something in the mail it is like Christmas.

Anyway, I have lost 60lbs to this date and noticed excessive movement during a work out which indicated that I really, really needed some new sports bras. I'm doing this lifestyle change on a serious budget so when I set out to look for new sports bras it took me a while to do my research. 

Considering I was not able to really get around with my foot being all cracked up I had to rely on online reviews on different brand sports bra. 

I stumbled upon the Old Navy padded sports bras. Not only were they on sale but at the time Old Navy was offering a 30% coupon off of my total order. Jackpot! 

I essentially got 3 bras for $9 each.

The bras got so many mixes reviews that I felt like I was taking a risk. So to help any one else out that is considering the Old Navy brand or is looking for an inexpensive but good support sports bra here is my $0.02 on the bras.

The bras are padded. If you want you can remove the pads. Actually they suggest you remove the pads prior to washing them. The bras fit real snug so my suggestion is get a size larger than what your normal size is. According to their size chart I should be in a Medium but I ended up ordering them in Large and I'm thankful for that. These bad boys run small. Nice fit though but snug. 

I can honestly say they are good for women who have rather large breasts. The bra holds extremely well. I have experienced very little movement in them when working out, everything is held in place, there is lift, there is no uni breast phenomenon going on and it actually looks like I had some work done. LOL!

I was warned that the bras hold moisture and honestly that has not been my experience. They seem to dry rather quickly. 

I can't complain and I really love the bras. I will be purchasing a few more. 

Now though I said I really can't thing I really don't like is removing the pads. Removable pads  are like socks they get lost and considering my headlights show while working out I prefer a padded bra. So if Old Navy can make a bra that does not require removal of the pads prior to washing I would be deeply in love.  Anyway, for $9 a bra I shall not complain. 

Let me know what bras you like to wear during your work out. I would love to try some different brands. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Snacks That Touch My Soul

They say the first step to any kind of change is admitting who you are and what your flaws/vices are. So yeah, I'm a snacker and I like my snacks. You want to see me praise the good Lord for something small and seemingly insignificant? Then put a tasty snack treat in my hand and watch me throw up my "Mariah hand" in praise to the Lord who created the man, who thus went on to create such a confection. Yes!

I was eating the Fiber One Chocolate snack bars and found the generic/store brand ones tasted better. For some strange and unexplained reason my local grocery store stopped selling the chocolate flavor.  I mean no warning no nothing just stopped. So I had to search for something else in that aisle to get me through until I figured something out.  

I looked up and these Cherry & Almond bars caught my eye....ok so what really caught my eye was that they were on sale. Yes, yes I'm a miser. Any way, I figure what could it hurt. I love dried cherries and I love almonds, perfect!

I'm addicted to them now! If I'm not careful I would eat a whole box in one night. Not saying that I have eaten a whole box in one night, I'm saying that I would. :)

I went onto the company's website and they have a whole line of products; 100 calorie brownies, soy chips and bars in other flavors. I am so in love with these bars that I went and purchased them in bulk. My face will be pressed against the window waiting for UPS to deliver them to my door next week. 

Now that I'm trying to focus more on clean eating these I stumbled on these bars right on time. Gluten free, dairy free, all natural no artificial sweeter.

This snack right here saves feeling and lives. I can honestly say I struggle the most with this weight loss journey when it's time for my cycle to come. I do suffer from PMS (at one point it was real severe) so I find that I crave sweets, more specifically chocolate. Yes, I have heard that taking magnesium supplements will eliminate the craving but I'm already taking a lot of supplements and really don't want to add another pill onto what I'm already taking so yes this keeps me quiet. 

These are soooooo good. A serving size is 9 pieces and only 130 per serving. Most bags come with nice sized pieces in them so you will feel satisfaction after just one serving. Yes, this is an addictive snack and the pack is so small that you can easily eat the whole pack and not realize it until it is gone. I admit I have eaten a whole pack. I have gotten in the habit of counting out my serving and putting the bag away. None the less it tames that raging hormonal craving beast in me, without my feeling like I need to count it as a "cheat snack".

This little bag is $5 from the store. I have been doing some research to see if it would be cheaper to buy this in bulk. Like I said this is highly, highly addictive so I'm not sure how I would do with multiple bags of this at my disposal. I suppose that is what will power is for. *shrugs*

I am always looking for new snacks to add to my list of snack that touch my soul so please feel more than free to share your favorite snacks with me. 

Be blessed!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kitchen Creations : Protein Pancake Success! Finally!

Ok, last night I posted my epic failure of protein pancake hell. In my determination to get this right I had enlisted my boys in taste testing this new recipe I came up with. Hell if it turned out bad why should I have to suffer and eat it alone? *shrugs*

Anyway, it was a SUCCESS! I know the picture isn't all that pretty but these came out really, really. really good. They had the taste and consistency of regular pancakes. Couldn't even taste the protein power. So anyway enough of my boasting. Here is the Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes recipe:

1/3 cup Organic Oat flour
1 Scoop of your favorite Protein Powder
1Tbsp. Plain Greek Yogurt
1/3 cup Egg White
                   1/3 Almond Milk (use what ever milk you like)
1 tsp. Baking Powder
         2 Tbsp All Natural Chunky Apple Sauce (unsweetened) *
2 Packets of Stevia
1/2 tsp of Cinnamon *

Mix all the ingredients together and cook over medium heat, in a pan or on a griddle oiled with cooking spray as you would regular pancakes. The recipe above will make approximately 4-6 pancakes. Double the recipe as you need to in order to suit your family size.

*Add additional applesauce and cinnamon to your taste/specifications. 

This has been picky eater kid approved. The texture and taste are perfect and I'm excited. I conquered this recipe and have redeemed myself.

If you try it let me know how you like it. If you have made changes, variations or if you have a protein pancake recipe that you love let me know what it is. 

Until next time eat well, get moving and be blessed!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kitchen Creations : Epic Faiiiiil!!!!

I by far am not perfect. A perfectionist? Yes. Perfect? No. More often than not when I try a recipe for the first time it never comes out as I had expected; the taste is slightly off, it make need a little bit more of this or a little bit less of that. When a recipe fails I dust myself off and try again. But this, this right here was an epic failure of all failures and I feel like I have gotten got.
In my quest to eat clean I have figured that I would leave the boxed, buttermilk pancake mix alone and find a way to make healthier pancakes.So why not protein pancakes. Yaaaayyy! I Googled it and search Youtube far and wide for ideas and recipes before I came across one that was relatively easy, yet looked tasty.

Here is the recipe so you all won't follow in my foot steps:

2 Cups egg white
1/2 cup of Rolled oats
2 scoops of protein powder

blend it all in a blender and cook it up like regular pancakes.

Yum? Not. This recipe is so disrespectful. It turned out watery and I ended up having to add more oats. I cooked it up and they looked ok but what you all don't see in that pretty picture is that they were not cakey  and fluffy like regular pancakes. The texture and taste left a lot to be desired. I was so disappointed that I set out to figure this thing out. 

I love words and I love food. To me food and words are the same in which you can do almost anything with them. So yes, that is the mission and I think I have accomplished the mission. Stay tuned for an update and a real good recipe. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm Still Here!!

Yes, I  know it has been a while ok a month or two since my last entry but I have been sick and injured. Yes, injured.

After almost three weeks of illness I was finally getting back into the swing of things then.... I got into a car accident and fractured my toe.

With a little over a month until the Nike Women's Half I fractured my damn toe. Can I just admit that I broke down in tears when the ER doctor said I will be healed but I won't be conditioned enough to run the half? 

My poor dad was there trying to make it better by offering to give me back my registration fee. There was so much going on with my daughter being checked as well that I really couldn't break it down to him.

It's like are doing something you love and benefit greatly from in many ways. It is the one thing that brings a balance to your mood and in some ways your life. Lets add the consistent challenge it presents to you to push yourself to limits on you never thought you could reach or surpass. Now for the icing, you decided to set out to accomplish your greatest challenge and conquer the fear of completing 13.1 miles; only to be told you won't or can't. *smashed my cake*

BUT!  Lets no go selling my bib just yet. I found away to train while healing without further injuring myself and I will share that with you all once I get fully engaged in it and actually can say I know what I'm  doing.

None the less the show will still go on. I have bought some goodies that I will share with you all over the next few days.

Until then be cool, be blessed, be easy and keep moving!