Friday, December 21, 2012

Why I Must Lose 27Lbs...

I along with many, many other women in my Black Girls Run group got chosen to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon that is being held in DC this April.

I can't express how excited I was to have received that acceptance email with conformation number informing me that I was in. We had a check in thread in our group and to see the number of my group mates come in and exclaim they "got in!" had me over flowing with happiness and joy.

Ok, this run is a run that will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so yes we are all doing a great thing by running. BUT the bling that you get at the end of the run is the icing on the cake. Yes, I said bling, that Tiffany's necklace presented to me by a hopefully very handsome DC Firefighter. :) LOL! Granted if I have someone in my life at that time I won't ogle, I will take my box, pose for the camera and run into the arms of my man. 

Ok, way off topic any way. I went out running Saturday morning and on that run I realized a few things, 1) My not having run as frequently as I was prior to the weather change has basically put back at square one in terms of endurance, distance and time, 2) I'm nervous and I'm scared about this half. What? 13.1 is long as hell. 3) I'm extremely afraid of injuring myself again and/or injuring the same muscle I injured a few months ago, and 4) I need to lose 27lbs so I can be lighter and put myself in the position to run faster. 
Allll that is a lot and I feel like I it is a laundry list of things to do in what seems to be a short amount of time. Yes I know April is only 4 months away but we are approaching New Years quickly sooo yeah that is still really not a lot of time. 

Now that I got that out I need to quickly build this bridge so I can get over all of this and just go on auto pilot so I can get through this moment. I just need to tell myself, I know I can, I know can, I know I can and just do it.

Hmmmm maybe a new GPS watch will make this transition a little easy. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fast Is Over!!!

My original plan was to do the Daniel Fast until the end of the year and it all came to an end a week ago. I started to get sick, I had no energy and despite my attempts to mix beans, rice and vegetables to get my protein and iron up (I have anemia); my cycle plus the fast was not working out. I ended up weaning myself off of it and THEN.... I went out of control with my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth; pies, cupcakes, cookies, cake and candy I LOVE. So when I finally got to sink my teeth into a wonderful strawberry cupcake with butter creme frosting it was a done deal and for a week straight I struggled to get myself back in control and back on the eating plan I was on before beginning the fast.

It's has been difficult and I think the next time I do this, yes I will fast again, I will have to do better with weaning myself off and make sure I have healthier sweet alternatives to curb my sweet tooth and to keep myself from getting out of control.

Does that mean I'm free and clear to throw down for Christmas? No, no it doesn't at this point I HAVE to lose 27lbs (I lost 10lbs on the fast) and I can't allow for too many set backs. I have a half marathon coming up in April so I will be training for that half.

Until next time Folks, be blessed!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

When Your Water Gets Boring...

I tend to get bored easily with the same old same old. Drinking plain water every single day was beginning to  bore me to tears. Actually it got to the point where I just simply stopped drinking water and I was not taking in the proper amount on a daily. 

I figured that I would spice things up a little bit that way I can stay on this narrow path. For those that are like throw some lemon or limes in your water and add a little flavor into it. I have done that. I have even infused my water with a combination of cucumber, ginger, lemon and some mint leaves.  Yes, it was wonderful, refreshing and makes for great tasting water but at the end of the day it still got boring and I found I required more. 

I attended a party earlier this month, in the midst of my  fast (I'm off the fast that's for another blog entry) and I was trying to find alternative things for me to drink beside water from the bar's tap. What's wrong with water from the bar's tap? Well, they normally pour the water out of the same nozzle they pour the soda and I hate the slight taste of Coke in my water. I heard Tonic water can normally be ordered at the bar but Tonic water is sweetened, I didn't want the sugar nor the calories. So I ended up drinking Seltzer water with lime in it and I was hooked. 

I know there are many kinds of waters out there mineral, club soda, flavored but some of the flavors of the water itself were entirely too harsh so I stuck with Seltzer water. I found I can get my water and a soda fix all in one. Granted squeezing a lime, lemon or both  in it doesn't make it a Sprite per se but it is damn near close. 

Anyway, when boredom begins interfering with your water intake switch it up and try something new. Let me know you do to spice up your water?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I So NEED To Do Better...

Today was a very nice day in the DC Area so I figured I would go out for a run. Mind you this is the first time I have not been out on pavement in almost to weeks. No worries I haven't been sedentary over that time period I have been in the gym taking Spin and Body Pump so yes I'm still working it out. 

When I started out on my run it felt like I took two steps back in terms of my stamina and speed. My stats on my app were unrecognizable to me. I haven't had stats like that since I first started running. So I figured that right now I need to strive to obtain some sort of balance within my work out. I need to set aside enough days for both running and cross training. 

I also need to move past the fear of injuring myself, again more so aggravating the injury I sustained two months ago. I can definitely say that is bothering as I'm not completely healed. I will push past all of this once I get into the grove of a new schedule that I can work with.

I am still fasting and I find the closer I get to the end of it the harder things are getting for me to keep going. I'm getting bored with my food options as I have stuck to some of the same foods out of convenience more than anything. I have to admit though I do want half a cupcake real bad and despite there are cupcakes in my cabinet I shall look at the big picture and prevail.

However, I am anticipating on ending the New Year with a 5K New Years Eve race in Philly. What are your plans for bringing in the New Year??? Is running in any of them?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kitchen Experiments: Whole Wheat Tortillas...A Staple...

I'm still on the Daniel Fast and I for see my being on the fast until the end of the year. Yes, yes, I know Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are celebrated with food and plenty, plenty of alcohol but what I'm trying to get out of this fast in terms of spiritual relationship and break through is far much greater than mac and cheese, ham, chicken, and a slice of Granny's sweet potato pie. *sigh* Pray for me?

Any way since I can have whole wheat tortillas on the fast, I have been stocking up on them like there is a whole wheat tortilla shortage. They have kept me sane and stable. The tortillas with Red Pepper Humus has brought me so much life.

So this is what I do... I slice the tortilla up, spray it with olive oil cooking spray or I drizzle some extra virgin olive oil onto them. I then sprinkle some Natures Seasoning and Tony Chachere's over them and stick it in an oven that was pre heated at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes and they are done.

They are excellent with Salsa and they taste even better with Humus.
Maybe I will make a treat for the little one and sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon...the possibilities are endless. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Social Life: How Come No One Told Me?!

I was helping a friend organize her basement over the past weekend and she came across some old pictures of herself. She was looking through the pictures and she was just like, "how come no one told me I was this big?"

She has lost 100lbs (applause, applause) but I don't ever recall her being that big...I don't think I personally ever paid attention to it. But how do you tell someone that they can stand to lose some weight? I mean what do you say or is that something that even needs to be said?

Now, I always said to my close friends and sorors that if I ever get "that big" please make me run behind your car. I'm serious don't let me get out of control... wellll! I was scrolling through my FB page and came across this old picture my frat brother tagged me in...

OH BABY! Jesus, Mary and Joseph my arm looks like a HAMHOCK. Why didn't any one tell me I was that big? Especially when I left the door open for such information to be given to me??  At this moment I understood the sentiments my friend had, with exception. I told you all to hold me responsible, friends don't let friends gain this much weight...really, no one said anything. LOL! LOL! I can laugh now but dang.

Anyway, this is my frat brother in the picture with me. Since he has lost 50lbs, is walking around looking all kinds of extra sexy, he and I definitely need to take another picture together so you all can have an appreciation for how far we both have come with the weight loss. I asked him to take the picture down but he refuses...he says it's to remind us of what we won't go back to. Isn't he sweet? *Muah* Thank you my Dear for allowing me to use the pic. ;-)

This picture was taken of me earlier this month...big difference...especially in the arms.

So the point of all this is to ask, do you really expect/wish for your friends/family to hold you accountable for your weight? In points in your life when your weight has increased did you really want someone to say, hey you're getting a lil thick all over? Do you think it's their place? If someone were to pull you aside and mention you could stand to lose some weight would that be a motivation for you or offensive?

Let me hear your thoughts. Peace, blessings, happiness and love. 

Daniel Fast: Week 1

The Daniel Fast, for those that aren't familiar with it, is a fast that is supposed to help you detox your body as well as strengthen your spiritual walk with God. For a 21 day period (some do it longer) you only consume fruits, vegetables, seed/nuts, whole grains and water. You cannot have any kind of meat, sugar (artificial sweeteners included), no bread made with yeast or sugar,no juice, coffee, tea or any of the like the only beverage you consume is water....plenty of water. Oy! I feel like my eye balls are floating.

The fast is not that bad. I still get to eat  but I'm just restricted to what I can and need to look at the ingredients in some of the food that I purchase like tortillas or flat bread (making me a label stalker). Day five was the toughest day out of the week; I had just came on my cycle, I felt as though I was going through withdrawal (I'm a sugar addict), I had a massive headache and I wanted a cookie so bad. I have to admit I was not up on my prayer and writing in my journal for the first few days of the fast, so the withdrawal that I was going through was the thing that drove me to start praying and writing. I needed something to keep me from raiding the cookie aisle at the grocery store.

I'm still tracking my calories while on the fast and one would thing that just eating fruits, veggies and grains can't do a lot of damage, but it can. Some of those whole grains and nuts have a lot of carbs and pack a whole lot of calories and considering that I am not running for this week it is real critical that I watch it because it is real easy to over eat. I over ate the other day and I had to start all over again the next day.

I have started taking a multi vitamin, finally. I hate taking pills...I do they are hard to swallow but I managed to find vitamins at Walgreens that were smaller than an Advil, so that makes taking vitamins doable for me. Now I just need to remember to take them on a daily.

Peace, blessings to you all and East Coast residents be safe with the storm coming.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Diary of An Injured Runner...

So I hurt myself. Apparently I strained my satorious muscle, it is the longest muscle in the body and it spans from the side of the hip across the front of the quadricep and ends on the side of the inner knee.  I thought I was doing good with stretching. NOT! The physical therapist informed me that stretching strained muscles makes the injury worse. Why? When a strained muscle heals the fibers of the muscle heal by connecting themselves together and when you stretch the muscle you are essentially tearing the muscle fiber back a part which in turn will further inflame and irritate the muscle.

She felt around the span of the muscle looking for knots in my muscle and sure enough the areas where I had the most pain were knotted up and they were knotted up tight. She gave me a few exercises to try to make sure they did not further irritate the muscle and basically told me I need to focus on strengthening my hip muscles. Then she hooked me up to electrodes, placed a heating pad over top of it and sent strong pulses to the muscle for about 20 mins; the electrodes are said to help speed up the healing process. 

Now I can't lie everything we did this afternoon took the edge off the pain but the thing that hurt me deeply was being told that I can't run for a week; with no certainly whether a week will be a week or if it will turn into two weeks, three week or a month. Yes, this puts my running my first half marathon in jeopardy with the speed of my recovery being up in the air like it is. 

The thought of all this was a little hard to swallow because running has become the perfect lover and friend to me. Why do I feel that way? Well, with running I get out of it what I put into it and sometimes more. Running doesn't ask me for anything out side of who I am and it makes me want to put in more so I can get more out of it *cough*bling, bling *cough**cough*. It doesn't use me up, it allows me to release stress, it gives me a natural high and it puts me to sleep at night. Running doesn't fuss, doesn't cuss, and it doesn't demand more than what I'm willing to put into it. So, yes it means a lot to me. However, the upside to this is that I can and will go back to it. 

Hindsight is 20/20 as i'm about to start the Daniel Fast I'm beginning to realize that maybe this is the Lord's way of really slowing me down so I can focus on the things I need to focus on during this period of fasting, prayer and meditation with zero distractions.Maybe it is meant for me loosen up the grip that I have on running....hmmmm no I have medals to collect I'm sorry but for the fast period I will go what ever way God takes me.  

I will keep you updated on the fast and go more in depth. Until then be blessed. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kitchen Experiment: Stroganoff Recipe Remix Challenge

The problem; I love Stroganoff  but I no longer eat red meat, I HATE mushrooms and I don't want to be slaving over a hot stove.

The solution to it all? Chicken Stroganoff made in the crock pot.

I really can't take credit for this recipe. I went onto Google and just searched for chicken crock pot recipes and found a website full of them.

This was super easy. The recipe calls for 6 chicken breast but I used 3 very large if it wasn't Perdue I would have thought it was hormone genetically engineer chicken breasts. I laid them at the bottom of the crock pot.

I then mixed together an envelop of onion soup mix with 16 oz of Sour Cream and a can of Cream of Chicken Soup. I took the mixture and poured it over the chicken and smooth it out to completely cover the chicken.

I put the lid on it and set the crock pot on low for 5 hours. Afterwards I took the chicken breasts out and cut them up and then put it back into the crock pot and set it on warm.

I then cooked a package of no yolk egg noodles for 7 minutes and then I served it up.

And the pickiest people in this household gave it a two thumbs up after they devoured it and went back for seconds. 

I'm so stoked about this crock pot there will be more crock pot recipes to come.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

3-3, 2-2, 4-4, Breathing Methods...

One would think that something as simple as running can just easily be done but it is not. Running is something that has to be built up to and there are a few techniques that beginning runners will or should learn along the way to make running slightly easier and more enjoy able.

In having Exercise Induced Asthma my breathing was often labored during running now lets throw in the fact that I had no clue how to breathe properly when I ran. Yeah, I figured taking large puffs of air in and breathing in and out at a heavy rate (the huffing and puffing method) would be enough to get the oxygen flowing through my body but, I was wrong. :-/

It was not until one of my BGR group mates posted this article, now some people do a 2-2, 3-3 or 4-4. What does all that mean? The controlled breathing method allows for you to control your rate of breathing and overall heart rate which effects your over all exertion rate while running. If you are a long distance runner then this will come in handy to help you control how much energy you exert during your run or can place you into what is known as the "Zone" where you can run efficiently at a consistent pace. Proper breathing also allows for the proper flow of oxygen through the blood to the muscles which can help reduce the occurrence of cramps and running induced injuries. 

How the method is executed. It is simple in theory but in practice it will take some work. For example I use the 3-3 method of breathing, I inhale and exhale every three strides. So, I inhale (through my nose when it is cool out) 3 strides, exhale 3 strides and continue this until I'm done with my run. This is rather difficult at first but with practice it gets easier. To make this technique easier for me I would practice while walking to and from places. So as I would walk I would inhale 3 steps and then exhale 3 steps and I would be mindful to apply it when I would go out on my runs. 

One other thing that can help with breathing is Yoga. Yoga is a very good cross training activity for runners and I discussed this previously in an older post about cross training. Yoga can help you not only strengthen your muscles, elongate your muscles, improve balance in the body and build your endurance but it can help with controlling your breathing as well so in away you are getting the benefits of strength training and breathing control all in one work out, which is especially good for people that cannot perform traditional strength training activities due to physical constraints or minor injuries. 

I hope this helps someone have a better running experience. Until then be blessed!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Was Checked!!!!!

I know that I work hard and strive to think positive but sometimes I slip and steer towards the path of the negative. I can say that God has blessed me wholeheartedly with so many people that keep me straight and keep me on that narrow path. Last night was a true testament to that.

See, in November the week before Thanksgiving there is a 10K race being held called the Turkey chase. I was all for the chase until I heard through the grapevine that for what ever reason they will not allow for you to listen to music during the race. What the what?! *going into full Tamar Braxton mode* What they mean you can't listen to music during the race?! She, yes me, she don't run with out no music!!! *leans back with lip poked out*

So last night I was asked if I was still doing the Turkey Chase Race and I straight said out of my mouth, "I was told they won't allow us run with music and I can't run without my music *Tamar bounce*" and then Jo, my running mate said, "STOP SAYING YOU CAN'T run without music. You just prefer to run with music." Then it hit me I was check and I needed it. It made me think that I have really been slipping when it comes to being positive about this running thing, especially since I have hurt my knee.

So, I have an appointment next week to see a Sports Medicine doctor to look at my knee and possibly my whole leg because my hip flexors have been screaming  after my runs. I'm going to wait until after my appointment before I continue training for the half and before I commit myself to anymore races.

I am steadily praying that this is just a strain and with proper care and rest I will be able to run many more days. Until then I will be KT Taped up to do some light running and I might revisit spin class and/or Insanity program just to keep myself moving.

Have a blessed day folks!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kitchen Experiment: Spaghetti Meets Meatless Monday

Ok! I'm going to give you my lessons learned so you can make this easy. 

I could have thrown all this in the crock pot and cooked it while I was working out. *sigh*

I like to wash my spaghetti squash prior to cooking it. Prick the squash all over with a knife. Please prick the squash so it won't explode in the oven while cooking. 

Place it in the oven for an hour on 350 degrees. I normally set the timer on the oven and leave out and it is done cooking by the time I come back home.

You can use however many or little vegetables you want. I wanted this to be hearty and filling so I used a half a green pepper, five mini orange, red and yellow peppers, a whole onion. garlic. carrots. broccoli and spinach.

I sauteed everything in Olive Oil and added the broccoli and spinach last. Then I added the Ragu Chunky Garden Vegetable Combination sauce.

I let everything simmer on medium heat for a few minute while I scooped out the squash.

This is my daughter's plate.

And the pickiest eater in the house says....

It's good!!!!

The Social Life: Second Date

So the second date went ok. I overall had a good time and great conversation despite the fact that I was tired and feeling a little under the weather. At some point the conversation got a little serious but we are still learning each others mannerisms so it is all good. One thing I took notice is how we have differing opinions on food and nutrition.

Why I end up meeting people who like to borderline or completely over indulge in food is beyond me, but I kind of got that impression from him while we were at dinner and I was contemplating what to eat. I had to choose my meal carefully considering I was slated to run a 5K race in less than 24 hours. What you eat the night before a race can effect you in so many unpleasant and embarrassing ways that I have to do a whole other blog on it.

So we are sitting there and he is telling me he wants me to "eat" and not get a salad and soup or something light along those lines. Then he proceeds to try to school me on nutrition. I sat and listened to what he has to say knowing; I've lost 50lbs since February of this year and after many nutritional trials and tribulations I figured out what works for me and what doesn't work for me so, at this point I'm humoring him and his borderline persuasive conversation on indulging. At the end of the evening I can say this is one of a few things we discussed that doesn't sit well with me, as he has touched on my eating and work out habits quite a bit.

During conversation last night he had mentioned that he felt he needed to get on my eating schedule or plan. Now he is saying he wants to go to the gym and put some time in on the treadmill so he can keep up with me on pavement. I am about being a positive influence on others but I want people to do things for themselves...I want them to do what they feel is going to make them the best them they can be,  not necessarily to be align with me.

I maintain what I stated before, yes the enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition in a partner would be nice but if that person just does not have it then the support and encouragement to keep going is just as good.

Ehh we are only two weeks into this we shall see what the end of the month brings in regard to this here dating situation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Social Life: The First Date

Ok, so I guess I kind of, sort of was holding out, but I did happen to meet someone one online and we clicked from the start. I guess we have both been waiting to see if it would level off but the more we talk and yes we talk a lot, for hours even, the more we realize how much more we have in common.

In away it seems as though we are a perfect match for one another I can't explain the feeling or the connection with words. Anyway, we went to Panera on our first date... I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to see him and see if we have the same chemistry in person that we have over the phone. We fell quickly into conversation and began discovering even more commonalities between the two of us...things that people would say were "weird" about me he liked, so I was thinking hey someone I can be weird with. ;-)

We are set to go out Saturday night...where? I don't know. I do know food is involved, I told him about how I eat and he seems to be respectful of it, as he has told me that he wants me to be able to have good food options when we go out so that is a plus.

So on Saturday I have been instructed to get dressed, show up, let him handle the rest and be prepared to have fun. :)

So stay tuned. :-))

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kitchen Experiments: The Challenge

I was cooking the other day, making my daughter boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner. You know? The one with the powdered cheese. Yeah I know how healthy is that? Well I have to work on plumping her up a bit and as a kid she likes it so I went with it.

I was cooking and reminiscing about how I used to eat savory feel good meals, especially during the winter months. I'm kind of getting tired of eating the same old things and wanted to create and most importantly eat some thing reeeeallly good with out all the fat and calories.

I figured I would challenge myself. Through out the month of October I will choose different recipes of the foods that I love and make them lower in fat and calories.

If there is a none beef (we don't do beef in this here house) recipe you want me to remix then please by all means contact me.

Can I do it?! Yes I can!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Running Is....

Being greeted in the early morning by cheerful bikers, fellow runners, older couples on their morning stroll, people honking at you and men telling you that you look good as they drive by. Though all of that is equivalent to a tall Cafe Caramel from Starbucks, nothing starts the day off better than a full 6.01 mile run in less than an hour and thirty minutes on a beautiful Friday morning. Now, that right there is Cafe Caramel with two shots of Expresso extra foam and caramel drizzled on top. Nothing like it, can't beat it except the run is so much better for me than the drink. ;-)

Happy Friday!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Social Life: Dating

The online dating thing has lost my attention. For those that don't know me I have a very low tolerance for foolishness. When I'm surrounded by foolishness I lose interest and check out really quickly. This is what has happened here, I checked out.

I have/had been talking to one nice man or seemingly nice man but I just did not feel any chemistry with him and he is what I call a "some times person", which is someone who will text or call sometimes or someone that is just not consistent at all. So once in a while I will send him a text saying "hey" and once in a while I will get an "hi, sexy. how are you?" yeah ok moving on.

So I met another man who did not have a picture on his profile and I figured we are just talking I will get a picture from him later. After a few weeks of talking I was just like please send me a picture and gave him my email address. He emailed me a picture of a newspaper clipping that did not show his whole face. I forwarded it to my girlfriend for a second opinion because at this point my alarms are sounding off and the nagging voice inside is now screaming.

So she Googled him and can I just say Google is the damn devil? But in this case it was useful because we found out that he has had a rather loooooooooong history with the law that was very long and really recent. So, yeah I cut that off. Outside of the strange looking men that send me messages saying, "dam I want you" among other things I barely log into my account and I'm just waiting for my 6 month subscription to hurry up and run out.

Just to be fair there is some one I have been seeing off and on for over a year. But the off and on and him not knowing whether he wants to go right or left has me using my Do Not Disturb feature on my phone heavily and just feeling as though I don't be bothered with him some times. Yeah when you feel as though I roll my eyes as I answer your call then yes, I did roll my eyes as I picked up the phone.

 I no longer have tolerance of the "iffy" any more. If you're not sure about me then we aren't for each other and I'm moving onto something else. The time I use to entertain your phone calls and iffy behavior is time I am going to channel into studying for my certification exam, spending extra time with my kids, building my business, clipping my toes nails anything that is not wasting my time on the iffy.

Where are the descent men? Dating in the 2012 is so different than dating back in 02 or hell even in the late 90's. I was just telling my girlfriend that it would be nice to have someone there to dump the ice in my bath water for my ice baths, or to be at some of my races cheering me on and waiting for me at the finish line.

Ahhh well I suppose I shall prevail. Keep praying and waiting.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Things I Never Thought I Would Buy

It is amazing how when you get into something new is completely transforms your life and has you doing and purchasing things you would never purchase.

I was in Walmart and found myself looking for Epsom salt, aspercreme, ibuprofen, KT Tape, cold and hot packs.

First can I just say the aspercreme does not work for me and I'm just glad I got it on the cheap. The Epsom salt baths are glorious and I find that my muscles are no longer sore afterward,  love it. I tend to follow up with an application of KT Tape Pro to the areas which hurt the most' in my case my outer hip.

Speaking of KT Tape, this stuff right here is the and then some. When my sorority sister mentioned it I have to admit I was really skeptical about it, as I did not have an understanding how some gauze like tape was going to take my pain away during my activities. So I hopped over to the website to nose around and see what was up.

Apparently the tape takes the pressure off of sore muscles and provides support to them and the surrounding muscles which makes moving pain free. There is a difference between the regular tape and the pro tape in quantity and in price. Regular tape you get 10 strips for $9.00 and for the Pro you get 20 strips of tape for $19.00 so in away it all evens out in terms of quantity and price. 

Also, not all stores carry the Pro so you will have to perform a search on the website and click the button that say "show stores that carry pro tape first". It took me a while to catch onto that...after having gone to four stores in different locations only to be told to check the box and I finally found a store that sold it. Anyway, that was the best $19 I spent. I taped my hip up the following day prior to my run and I did not feel any pain at all. You can shower with it on and it will stay on for up to 7 days. So yes, I highly, highly recommend this product for any one who experiences any kind of muscle soreness or strain, yet is still pushing to get up, get out, get  moving and keep moving.

I only had to use the cold packs once and they seemed pretty decent. I have a feeling that as I move into running double digit miles I might have to start doing ice baths.

The thought of that is really messing with my head because I HATE ice. Don't like seeing it, hearing it clink, hear people chew it, nothing, nothing about ice do I like so for me to sub come to an ice bath or the thought of having to do them in the near future just attests to how serious this running thing is getting for me.

In being honest, real and transparent I will be certain to chronicle my first ice bath reaction and all. 

Alright y'all I'm out. Have a blessed day on purpose.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally!!! Thank Heaven for 7-11

I always vowed that one day I would see this infamous 7-11 that my ladies who run 5 plus miles use as their land mark to pin point how far they have gone.

I alway said to myself one day I will see this 7-11, one day I will see it not from a far but up close, I will get my self to run down there and today was the day.

Not only did I see the 7-11 I ran past it. It was not until I saw one of my six milers bookin, yes bookin back down the hill, that something told me to look down at my phone and what do you know? I had ran further than I should have bringing my mileage total today at 5.22 miles. Wow, I did it. This small accomplishment has made my excitement and enthusiasm for running grow even more today.

Yaaaay me! 13.1 In Training!!!! Go get it!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My New Armband Arrived and Not Sure If I Like It...

First let me say I LOVE no matter what I'm looking for all I have to do is go over to Amazon, type in the product and start my price comparison from there.  

One of my BGR group mates asked where she could fine an arm band for her iPhone under $30. Amazon was among the answers so that reminded me that I wanted (emphasis on wanted) a new arm band. Why? My current arm band has a plastic covering on the front that makes it difficult for me to open, close and control my running app while I'm on the trail. It also gets real foggy because of my body heat which makes seeing what I'm doing difficult. So I set out to find an arm band that did not have the plastic covering.

I headed over to and found this right here....

It provided everything that I needed; open face, protection for my phone and it was cheap! Yes! I paid $1.95 for the arm band so I'm pleased...for now.

In examining the product further, though the strap looks short it stretches which I was pleased to see...until I tried it on. It fits a little tsnug for me. It took me a while to adjust it to the point where it felt comfortable to me.

I'm taking it out for a spin tomorrow so we will see how it really feels. BUT one thing I can say is that I can use the skin as an everyday protective covering for the phone and all I have to do is just feed the strap through the back when I want to run. This eliminates my having to take the whole phone out of the case just to put it in my current armband. 

Overall it does look like it is worth $2 but it got good reviews so I'm hoping it will stand the test of my 5 mile run. However, if you have large arms then I don't see this product being a comfortable product for you.

I keep on telling myself whether it be an article of clothing, an app or a some form of running accessory if I continue to search for perfection then I will eventually find it...i'll let you know when that happens.

Until then, have a wonderful evening. 

Running Apps: App Hopping

I can't believe we are facing the end of September. I have to provide updates on products I ended up having to purchase, that I never thought I would have to purchase in a million years. I haven't gotten my Fitbit yet but the Myo ball...oh yes a wonderful thing. Ok, so let me get into the actual reason for this blog.

I have been having quite a time finding a suitable running app. Let's roll through my adventures in running apps, shall we??

Nike Plus Running App and I have this serious love/hate relationship. It seems as though there are times that  it works great but then there are times it is not tracking as it should track. How do I know? I run to the same mixtape every run and I use the songs in the mixtape to track my progress. So for me to be 11 minutes into the track when I hit my one mile mark, yet the voice over clocks me at 14:50 min/mi, made me give Nike the side eye. Oh and I paid $2.99 for the Nike App right before they made it available for free, so yes I have high expectations of it. I fully expect for it to work properly all the time at the very least. *wishing they would sync my data right*

Here is where the hopping begins. I downloaded the Runtastic free app and for a while I thought I had a new boo with Runtastic, until the app started pausing in the middle of my run requiring for me to resume the work out so I wouldn't miss a step being counted. Then I found it quite funny how my estimated calorie burn was considerably higher than any app I had used before (at least 300-400 calories higher). Considering I paid, yes PAID, You ready??$5.99 for the freakin Runtatic Pro I figured that I would go over to the tech support community and ask how can "we" fix this. Turns out the high estimated calorie burn has been an issue for years that they have promised to fix but have yet to fix it. I was instructed to redownload the app. So after a redownload and an app update the Craptastic still pauses in the middle of my run. Yeah! $5.99. Craptastic get into it. <~~~ sarcasm. 

I downloaded the free version of Runkeeper. Once again the app paused my run consistently through out the run and since the app did not seem to allow to resume the app with one touch of a button, it required for me to actually stop and resume the work out tracking. Yeah, sucks I know.

So then I hopped to Endomondo....I just did not like it at all. To many ads on the free version, not very user friendly for me and like I said I'm not upgrading nothing unless it is going to work properly 85% of the time. 

I'm going to try MapMyRun. I already use the mapping features on the website to map out different routes prior to going out and running them, so I wondered how bad can the app be? I downloaded the free version, at this point I can't see myself dishing out money for another app. I just can't do it. I spend the money and some where along the line it goes from sugar to poop. MapMyRun does what a lot of companies offering free apps do they make it so you can't listen to your music through the app unless you pay for the upgraded app. Not I said the cat. I found away around that and I'm going to go with it.

What I truly need is proper tracking of my speed, pace and estimated calorie burn. That's all I'm asking for. Is that too much to ask for these companies to provide quality Apps?? I really think they should start offering free trials of these app, at least for a week so people can try them out prior to making a purchase. There is nothing like spending money on a crap app and can't get your money back, yet you can't use the app to it's fullest. I feel bamboozled while the app sellers are laughing their behinds off all the way to the bank. Oh and yes I read the ratings and comments and I think some of those people that give high ratings are lying about the capabilities of some of these apps. 

I am going to explore a possible trail today we will see how MapMyRun Stand up to all the rest. If MapMyRun fails then I'm going to throw up my hand and create my own damn app. 

What app are you using? What other alternative to phone apps have you found to track your run stats (ie; gps watches, sensors)? 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Gym: Things That Have Touched Me Today (Ranteration)

Today I went back into the gym for the first time in 6 weeks. I did not go and do my usual routine which is, go to what ever class is being held for that hour or run on the treadmill and leave. No I actually got on the elliptical for 15 minutes then I hit the Ladies Only section of the gym. 

Ok, let's begin with treadmills, ellipticals and the like. Please clean the machines when you get off. I normally clean the machine I have chosen before and after I get off; but still I don't want to literally clean up your sweat. I'm not your maid, I'm not your momma if you don't have any home training, then please fake it until you make it. Watch what the majority of people do and just assume that is what you should do too. Ok?

Now the weight room...I understand that the weight machines can be a bit intimidating and look a trite complex to figure out. Soooo if you are clinking the weight while lifting then that means either one or two things; you either don't know what you are doing or the weight you are lifting is entirely to heavy for you. The weight should never touch unless you are completely done lifting or just taking a rest between repetitions. May I make a suggestion? Just one tiny suggestion?? Ask one of the trainers chilling down stairs hoping and waiting for some lost soul to ask them a fitness question to make their way upstairs and show you how to adjust the machine, find the right weight for you and properly use the machine. I silently cheer for people that I see in the gym working hard to become fit and this bothers me not because they are wrong but because they may not get the results they want or they may even hurt themselves which may lead to them throwing in the towel and never trying again. So yeah, grab a trainer by the hand and ask him/her to show you how to use this and possibly suggest an alternative method to the machine you are using.

Ladies, bras...wear them. Get the proper bra for your boobies. When I first started I had to double down (wear a sports bra under a top with a built in sports bra). Boobs flopping uncontrollably, almost having a Janet Jackson type situation is so not cute, attractive or appealing and I cry inside for your shoulders and your back. ;-(

Also, can we try to get some as my Twin would say, "refreshment" of ourselves before we go to the gym? This is for both men in women. I find that people that stink while at the gym are the main ones that are doing the MOST. I mean the most sweating the, the most grunting, wants to be the most closest to you just the most. Soap and water or baby wipes, maybe some body spray on top of that (the soap and water or baby wipe down, not the funk)  but for some of you freshening your self up a bit is a requirement; not an option but a necessary requirement.  Please think about your fellow gym user. 

Oh and speaking of smells can we try not to pass gas in the classes. The common area hey go for it. It is open and highly ventilated but the classes are enclosed, hot as hell and the fan just blow the hot air and funk around so, please stop it or else I will be forced to Febreeze you in front of everyone.

Last one then I'm done. When you are in a class that requires some sort of floor work like, let's say Yoga. You may want to position yourself in the same direction as the rest of the class that last thing you want is for someone to look up and see all of your personal business. It's not fun for them and embarrassing for you. 

That is all that has personally touched me and/or has irritated me today after my adventures to the gym. Call some of it crass if you want but it needed to be said. Take what you can from it, be a good friend/person and share it with others as a PSA or some sort of awareness. Let's make the gym environment a better environment, espcially since we are paying to be there

Be blessed folks!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running With Kids

From reading previous posts it is clear that I am a proponent for bringing the kids along for the fitness ride. I know my daughter gets to the point where she whines and doesn't want to go, but as I have explained to her  it is a nice way for us to do something together; something that gets us moving. I really feel that it will instill a habit of moving/fitness in her. Plus since she is ADHD it also helps to burn off some of that extra energy. 

After dealing with one of her tantrums a few days ago I was beginning to wonder is bringing her out with me really worth it?? Was it serving the purpose that I intended it to serve and should I just leave her with my Dad for an hour opposed to bringing her with me? 

It was not until we were walking back and talking one day that I realized my baby does not have a really good sense of self and that she is self conscious about a lot of things. She second guesses herself and I can see why he teachers all say she does not have confidence in her work. That talk made me realize that having those moments out on the trail with her is worth it because the issues she deals with comes out in the talks that we have through out activity. 

My solution to this issue?? A "Note from Mom". Every day when she opens her book bag or in this case her lunch box there will be a personal note from me letting her know all the wonderful things about herself in hopes that it will remind her that yes she is a great, confident and wonderful little girl who is cared for and so loved. 

Smile everyone tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Wow! I've Changed!

It seems like there are so many stages a person can go through in their quest to lose weight and I think I have gotten to the stage of realization. This picture was taken yesterday prior to our group run. When I went to add it to the collage, I had to stop for a minute and look real closely. I gasped because I have changed so much in my appearance and it is just now hitting me; that this is me!

At that moment of realization I wanted to cry because I have been transforming so much on the inside and mentally, that finally the outside was catching up with what is going on inside of me. Hell, my whole life has change! LOL! I never thought I would buy KT Tape (which is heaven), purchase cold packs, take Epsom salt baths, consider taking ice bath ( and I HATE ice), buy aspercreme and sports beans, that is something athletes do. Then another realization; I am an athlete, I am a runner, I am healthy and I'm fit and that brings a happiness and joy to me that I cannot formulate the words to explain. :-))

Day 2 of Half Marathon training today! It was rough yesterday but I'm going to keep on keeping on. I will getting back into the weight room for some strength training on Friday. 

Happy Hump Day Y'all and do something today that is going to make YOU most HAPPY. :-)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Drank The Kool Aid: Annapolis 1/2 Marathon In Training

We all know the term, "Drinking the Kool Aid" and yes when you come over to BGR! Baltimore running group the Kool Aid gets served with a warm hug, a smile and tons of peer pressure ahem I mean encouragement. :) 

So the registration for the Baltimore Running Festival was sold out for the 5K and my soror suggested that I do the half marathon, which is in 6 weeks. I felt as though I could not train for a half marathon in 6 weeks with out putting myself at high risk for injury sooooo someone came and mentioned the Annapolis half being held December 1, which of course would give me plenty of time to train. It did not take a whole lot of coaxing from them to get me to say, "I'm in" but I'm nervous as this is happening a whole lot sooner than I thought. I guess it all goes back to my sentiments in the Blue Moon entry when I said I wanted to train for the Nike Half coming to DC in April because I wanted to do a half marathon. Ask and yes shall receive?

I'm going to get this out of the way here so I can move on and focus on I stated above I'm nervous...scratch that I have some fears. Not of running, not of even running that distance but I don't want to injure myself. With a sport like running it is quite easy to injure yourself while you are out there on pavement, and running can also be hard on the knees. If anyone has had any kind of injury due to fitness or running *raises hand* then you know it is not the best feeling in the world and it is also a set back in reaching your goal which makes you feel worse and I truly prefer to be well so I can run another day. 

None the less if I have a problem then I always have a solution to it. I'm mapping out my training plan now. In knowing my body like I do, I will need to have periods of rest and add some sort of strength training back into my plan, which means Insanity may have to go on the shelf for a while until after I complete this race so I can spend some time in the weight room lifting and really strengthening my muscles. Prayer...a lot of prayer and calling on the blood of the lamb to get me seriously if you ever see me running with my hands up then I'm praising the good Lord for bringing me through and praying for an angel to swoop out of the sky and carry me the rest of the way. Hey my body gets weak and wearing especially when I hit that last mile. Ok, now that I have had my outburst I'm no longer nervous but ready to get out there and train,

This is just a side observation...warning possible inner greedy girl observation but some of the ladies that come out for their long runs are seriously loaded down with the best snacks and goodies. I have seen; sports beans (which I use for my 4 mile runs), cookies, nuts, all types of flavored water and sports bars (which I eat after a run...Luna Nutz Over Chocolate the BOMB); I'm like really? Seriously? You all are eating good on these long runs of course I know it is all in the name of replacing electrolytes and keeping the body fueled in order to complete the run but still I'm down with the snack. LOL!

I'll keep you all posted on my training and race results when that day comes...there will be plenty of pictures.

Be blessed on this Sunday folks. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nutrition: How I Eat

So I get a text message Sunday afternoon asking me, "what diet are you following?".
I answered the text by saying, "Not following a diet", which I'm not (she may not have meant diet as in deprivation diet). But I felt as though my answer was not helpful to the person asking the question. I figured I would lay out a thorough explanation right here on the good ole blog for every one to take what they can from it. 

In the words of Slick Rick, " And Heeeeeeere We Goooo"  Did I just date myself? Anyway!

Thanks to a BGR group mate for introducing me to Micahi's Ladder, which is what I use as the foundation for my meals throughout the day, week etc. In being a planner and a list maker (there is nothing wrong with lists get into it), I plan my meals out for the next 2-3 weeks so I know what to purchase at the store. I use Micahi's Ladder to formulate my grocery list prior to hitting the grocery store. Anything I make and/or eat will all come from the first 2-3 tiers of the list.

With each meal, with the exception of breakfast (unless it's an omelet), I will eat 2 cups of veggies. If it is a meatless day then I will eat 2 cups of vegetables in addition to what ever else I eat whether it be a wholegrain rice, vegetable, black bean or tomato soup.

I also have a personal formula that I follow, F&V Before EAE; Fruits and Vegetables Before Eating Anything Else. Any body who takes notice of how I eat they will see me eat my fruit and vegetables first before I touch my meat or my carbs.

I eat a good size breakfast, moderate size lunch and relatively small dinner; smaller meals/snacks in between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. Once again vegetables and fruits. I pack at least 3-4 pieces of fruits and 2 additional veggies as snacks to take to work (I also eat a lot of bran).

Be aware of what foods your body can't handle and stay away from them or limit them. I can't eat red meat it wrecks havoc on my system so once in a blue moon you may see me eat a beef hot dog but that is the extent of it. I need carbs, if I don't have enough carbs then my mood is not good at all and every one around me suffers *evil laughter*. I make sure to eat the majority of my carbs during the day. :-)

I have a sweet tooth so I prepare for those moments. I will either eat Fiber One or Luna bars, make soft serve bananas in the blender (so, so good), make a fruit smoothie or concoct some form of low calorie sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

I drink water, at least 90 oz a day. I drink unsweetened tea (maybe I will use 1tsp of honey). I don't really drink too much alcohol, maybe once in a while I will have one drink while out with friends and it most likely will be a skinny alcoholic beverage. I don't do diet sodas often either, most don't taste to good to me. I schedule 2 cheat meals (not days) a month so I don't feel as though I'm depriving myself. 

Most importantly, I track what I eat. No matter how good or bad I eat, I track it. 

Hope someone out there finds this helpful. Have more questions? Leave it in the comment section. Don't want any one to know what you have questions about then hot me through the contact page.

Blessings to you! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

God Blocked It! LOL!

Yesterday I posted on my page  that I had a rough day food wise because of my hectic schedule. When I came home I was starving! I needed to go to the grocery store so I had little to no fruits and veggies and personally did not feel like I wanted to cook a meal, especially since I spent almost an hour on the road trying to get back home.

So, I went for the Celeste Pepperoni Pizza for one, granted on the rare occasions I do eat them I will only eat the cheese, however the kids ate the cheese pizzas first so pepperoni was all that was left. I took the pizza out of the oven and put it on my plate and as I was walking over to the kitchen table to eat was like something came and knocked it right off my plate onto the floor. I mean alllll over the floor. :-I After cleaning that mess up I was even more tired and pressed for time than before so I opted to eat some tomato bisque soup,  a little bit of whole grain rice and called it a day.

I knew good and well that I did not need to eat it but out of not planning and being pressed for time I made a poor eating choice and that poor choice hot the floor. What is it they say God looks out for babies and fools?? LOL!

Have a wonderful day on purpose folks.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blue Moon Run: The Video

Here is some video footage of the Blue Moon run just to give you all an idea of what it was really like out there. LOL! All we saw was glo sticks, necklaces, bracelets and let wraps. Enjoy!


Why I Did It, Why I Set Off To Lose The Weight???

Why is it when someone starts off on a path to weight loss, fitness or some type of significant life change does the "why" behind the change have to be for any other reason than for that person to live the best and healthiest life they can live?

 I normally don't care what others think of me and the things that I am doing because I dance to the beat of my own tune; that is what makes me stand out from all the rest. But some of the questions I have gotten in regard to my wanting to and working to lose weight has had me wondering, really? Seriously? Really? No, I'm not losing weight because I want to catch a man and marry...if that man can't love me at 245lbs then he just doesn't need to be in my life... there is something called unconditional love. Looks do fade over time and something more substantial needs to be there to hold a person in a relationship besides the physical. 

 Bottom line I was tired of being over weight. I had gotten to the point where walking up the stairs was a task, my knees were hurting me bad and I had no energy to do things with my children. I was tired all the time and when the kids wanted to play I had to gracefully decline. It felt like I put my kids in the position where they were taking care of me more than they should have and that was not fair to them. I was not comfortable in my own skin, my own clothes, I hated pictures that were taken of me at events. I was just done.

Additionally, I was also changing spiritually, growing in different areas personally and I needed for my outside to match what was changing in the inside. I know a person can change when ever they want but they have to be ready to do it first. Then they have to figure out the best way to make that change. Hence why I started this blog to give people a starting point. No, you don't have to get out on a run trail and start blazing a path; start off with a walk, then work up to a slog (slow jog), then transition to a jog, then work into a full on run...see building your endurance and increasing your progress.

Sorry, tangent. So yes, I first started off by going to a weight loss doctor and doing the Phentermine and B12 shots, after about 5 months of that I stopped. I did not like the press to lose weight and the lack of knowledge the staff had in regard to weight loss especially as it pertains to women. Due to the changes in hormones through out the month our weight will fluctuate. I know that two-three weeks prior to my cycle I enter into a severe state of PMS some would classify it as PMDD, not only are my moods off but I retain at least 5-10lbs of water and I experience swelling in my legs. When you first start an exercise such as Insanity, running or strength training you are building muscles you have never really built before and once you stop the activity or level off in it you will see the loss. They didn't get it. The meal plan did not provide enough calories for the amount of activity that I was engaging in and I wanted to finish this last 37lbs off on my own; therefore I stopped taking both Phentermine and B12.

I can definitely say that it has been some what of a struggle since going off the medication but a beautiful struggle it has been none the less. I have learned more and more about my body, I have learned how to increase my caloric intake while still making healthy eating choices. The numbers on the scale may not be where I expect for them to be but my body is beginning to tone and I'm starting to see muscles. My, my I always knew those muscles were there but I never ever, seen them like this before. LOL!

Anyway, all this to say what ever reason you have motivating you to make your change let it push you,  push past what ever you think is in your way (ie laziness, lack of knowledge etc.), get up and start working on it little by little. Ask someone one... feel free to ask me! I have a contact page at the top, click and fill it out with your questions. I will respond to your question in the form of a blog entry (keeping you anonymous of course). Just don't give up, and don't stop working towards your goals. 

Peace and blessings to you...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Moon Run...

A few months ago I decided that I would sign up for a "fun run", the Blue Moon Run. The basics of the run is that you run on a trail in the middle of the night, with your only source of light being the light from the full moon and a glow stick that hangs around your neck along with what ever glow accessories you may add onto your outfit. 


Though it was slightly scary being out there on the trail in the middle of the woods, with wild animals lurking around; it was rather beautiful. The pictures I took do the scenery no justice what so ever. The terrain was slightly gravelly and rolled a little underneath my feet but it was soft, all of which I'm not used to running on but my running partner and I ran it and we ran for 4 miles. 

Sounds crazy? I know but I had to say that it was mad, mad fun. Just being out there running in the middle of the night and laughing at my over reaction to a glow stick that was thrown in the bushes. I swore it was green beady eyes of a ferocious creature and I was about to be Flo Jo Express and blaze a trail back to the finish line. LOL! See? Fun, big fun.

My only disappointment in the run was that there were promises of partying in the parking lot after the run. Granted they had a nice spread, those lemon cookies, yes I said lemon cookies touched my soul in a manner it has never been touched before and the plums gave me instant life. The water was warm and the Gatorade was watered down and warm blech...thank God I left a 32 oz water bottle in the car because what they provided was not getting it in the fluid department.

Will I do it again? I'm not sure if I will do it again. Right now I'm looking a head to the Glo Run...a serious fun run complete with glow in the dark tee shirt, a DJ and a real party in the streets of DC. Out of all the races I have left I'm looking forward to that the most.

After that...I'm going into training over the fall/winter months because my next goal is to get picked and register to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon that will be here in DC April 2013. I was never really interested in doing any type of marathon running but I have ingested more of the BGR! Baltimore Kool Aid than I thought.

Anyway folks, peace, many blessings and much happiness. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Insanity: The Confrontation & Explanation (In Pictures & Some Words)

* Limps into the house this morning, walks into the kitchen and turns on the kitchen light*

* startled* Oh damn! Mr. T! *looks around* What's up? What chu doing here? In my house? Waiting, in the dark?

 I know you haven't seen me since Wednesday...see what had happened was...

 What? Wait, what? Are you laughing at me? I haven't even explained! Damn! Can I tell you what went down?!

 Mhm...well Thursday I ran 4.06 miles non stop mind you, last night I ran 4.00 miles on an unfamiliar unpaved trail in the middle of the night, with the moon being my only light source on the path and after limping in the house at 12AM in the morning, I got up at 6:15ish AM and ran another 3.19 miles. I mean damn you expect to see me after all that?! Give me a break! I'll start back Monday, damn.

So, I mean are we, we good? We straight?

Ok, that is great, it's wonderful...thank you.

Ummm sir, have got to don't want none of this, trust me I know you don't. o_o The door is that way. I will see you on Monday.