Friday, December 21, 2012

Why I Must Lose 27Lbs...

I along with many, many other women in my Black Girls Run group got chosen to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon that is being held in DC this April.

I can't express how excited I was to have received that acceptance email with conformation number informing me that I was in. We had a check in thread in our group and to see the number of my group mates come in and exclaim they "got in!" had me over flowing with happiness and joy.

Ok, this run is a run that will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so yes we are all doing a great thing by running. BUT the bling that you get at the end of the run is the icing on the cake. Yes, I said bling, that Tiffany's necklace presented to me by a hopefully very handsome DC Firefighter. :) LOL! Granted if I have someone in my life at that time I won't ogle, I will take my box, pose for the camera and run into the arms of my man. 

Ok, way off topic any way. I went out running Saturday morning and on that run I realized a few things, 1) My not having run as frequently as I was prior to the weather change has basically put back at square one in terms of endurance, distance and time, 2) I'm nervous and I'm scared about this half. What? 13.1 is long as hell. 3) I'm extremely afraid of injuring myself again and/or injuring the same muscle I injured a few months ago, and 4) I need to lose 27lbs so I can be lighter and put myself in the position to run faster. 
Allll that is a lot and I feel like I it is a laundry list of things to do in what seems to be a short amount of time. Yes I know April is only 4 months away but we are approaching New Years quickly sooo yeah that is still really not a lot of time. 

Now that I got that out I need to quickly build this bridge so I can get over all of this and just go on auto pilot so I can get through this moment. I just need to tell myself, I know I can, I know can, I know I can and just do it.

Hmmmm maybe a new GPS watch will make this transition a little easy. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fast Is Over!!!

My original plan was to do the Daniel Fast until the end of the year and it all came to an end a week ago. I started to get sick, I had no energy and despite my attempts to mix beans, rice and vegetables to get my protein and iron up (I have anemia); my cycle plus the fast was not working out. I ended up weaning myself off of it and THEN.... I went out of control with my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth; pies, cupcakes, cookies, cake and candy I LOVE. So when I finally got to sink my teeth into a wonderful strawberry cupcake with butter creme frosting it was a done deal and for a week straight I struggled to get myself back in control and back on the eating plan I was on before beginning the fast.

It's has been difficult and I think the next time I do this, yes I will fast again, I will have to do better with weaning myself off and make sure I have healthier sweet alternatives to curb my sweet tooth and to keep myself from getting out of control.

Does that mean I'm free and clear to throw down for Christmas? No, no it doesn't at this point I HAVE to lose 27lbs (I lost 10lbs on the fast) and I can't allow for too many set backs. I have a half marathon coming up in April so I will be training for that half.

Until next time Folks, be blessed!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

When Your Water Gets Boring...

I tend to get bored easily with the same old same old. Drinking plain water every single day was beginning to  bore me to tears. Actually it got to the point where I just simply stopped drinking water and I was not taking in the proper amount on a daily. 

I figured that I would spice things up a little bit that way I can stay on this narrow path. For those that are like throw some lemon or limes in your water and add a little flavor into it. I have done that. I have even infused my water with a combination of cucumber, ginger, lemon and some mint leaves.  Yes, it was wonderful, refreshing and makes for great tasting water but at the end of the day it still got boring and I found I required more. 

I attended a party earlier this month, in the midst of my  fast (I'm off the fast that's for another blog entry) and I was trying to find alternative things for me to drink beside water from the bar's tap. What's wrong with water from the bar's tap? Well, they normally pour the water out of the same nozzle they pour the soda and I hate the slight taste of Coke in my water. I heard Tonic water can normally be ordered at the bar but Tonic water is sweetened, I didn't want the sugar nor the calories. So I ended up drinking Seltzer water with lime in it and I was hooked. 

I know there are many kinds of waters out there mineral, club soda, flavored but some of the flavors of the water itself were entirely too harsh so I stuck with Seltzer water. I found I can get my water and a soda fix all in one. Granted squeezing a lime, lemon or both  in it doesn't make it a Sprite per se but it is damn near close. 

Anyway, when boredom begins interfering with your water intake switch it up and try something new. Let me know you do to spice up your water?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I So NEED To Do Better...

Today was a very nice day in the DC Area so I figured I would go out for a run. Mind you this is the first time I have not been out on pavement in almost to weeks. No worries I haven't been sedentary over that time period I have been in the gym taking Spin and Body Pump so yes I'm still working it out. 

When I started out on my run it felt like I took two steps back in terms of my stamina and speed. My stats on my app were unrecognizable to me. I haven't had stats like that since I first started running. So I figured that right now I need to strive to obtain some sort of balance within my work out. I need to set aside enough days for both running and cross training. 

I also need to move past the fear of injuring myself, again more so aggravating the injury I sustained two months ago. I can definitely say that is bothering as I'm not completely healed. I will push past all of this once I get into the grove of a new schedule that I can work with.

I am still fasting and I find the closer I get to the end of it the harder things are getting for me to keep going. I'm getting bored with my food options as I have stuck to some of the same foods out of convenience more than anything. I have to admit though I do want half a cupcake real bad and despite there are cupcakes in my cabinet I shall look at the big picture and prevail.

However, I am anticipating on ending the New Year with a 5K New Years Eve race in Philly. What are your plans for bringing in the New Year??? Is running in any of them?