Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Semi Rant: We Gotta Problem!

I have heard over and over again the first step to solving or dealing with a problem (I mean addiction)  is admitting that you indeed have a problem....well I have a problem that I have been struggling with for years and it just hit me last night. I am addicted to refined sugar. I am addicted to cookies, cupcake, cakes, pies ice cream and everything that is made of refined sugar. I have had a long standing rule it can't be in my house or else I will eat it.

Over this past school year I noticed that my daughter's teacher always signs her up to bring cupcakes. Being the considerate mother that I am, I always try to make sure I buy just enough cupcakes for her whole class and I let the teach know if there are any left over then please don't send it home. Don't care what you do with it, just don't send it back to my house. Every time, never fails the damn left over cupcakes come back to my home via my child (so disrespectful) *slow blink*.

Normally, it is one or two cupcakes that will come back but this past school party they had she sent back nine cupcakes. Granted these cupcakes were huge and nothing I would ordinarily purchase for children, hell I wouldn't purchase them for a party if I were to throw one. The purchasing of these cupcakes was a; my daughter decided to tell me at the last minute she was assigned to get cupcakes for the Valentine's Day party at school, we were facing the largest snow storm of the year that evening, I did not know if she was going to have school Friday so I wanted to be prepared and I was not going to be caught up in the stores with people preparing for the storm type purchase.

So when I got to Costco I happened upon these monsters...

As you can see these aren't your everyday, regular sized cupcakes. These are we let the new guy bake on his first day and he used the wrong pan so we mine as well ice them and sell them cupcakes. I have nine of these...count one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, NINE of these jokers sitting in my kitchen whispering my name because I am addicted to anything and everything sweet. Lord help me....

When I am faced with a problem I start thinking about prevention for the future and I figured from here on out, I would let my daughter's teachers know not to assign her to bring cupcakes or candy for any event they have. Is that petty? Nope, nope nooo it's survial for my waist line, good for my body and my sanity. 

I have to kind of look at it this way, would I ask a person who struggles with alcohol to go to the liquor store and purchase wine for my gathering? No, I wouldn't. Would that person be petty to ask me not to request that of them? Nope. Soooo yeah I am pretty set on letting them I will send juice boxes and yogurt but I won't be sending cupcakes or candy. 

What would you do?

Ok thanks for following along with my ranting and ramblings. I will have and announcement within the next day or two so keep a look out. Please and blessings to you all.