Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I So NEED To Do Better...

Today was a very nice day in the DC Area so I figured I would go out for a run. Mind you this is the first time I have not been out on pavement in almost to weeks. No worries I haven't been sedentary over that time period I have been in the gym taking Spin and Body Pump so yes I'm still working it out. 

When I started out on my run it felt like I took two steps back in terms of my stamina and speed. My stats on my app were unrecognizable to me. I haven't had stats like that since I first started running. So I figured that right now I need to strive to obtain some sort of balance within my work out. I need to set aside enough days for both running and cross training. 

I also need to move past the fear of injuring myself, again more so aggravating the injury I sustained two months ago. I can definitely say that is bothering as I'm not completely healed. I will push past all of this once I get into the grove of a new schedule that I can work with.

I am still fasting and I find the closer I get to the end of it the harder things are getting for me to keep going. I'm getting bored with my food options as I have stuck to some of the same foods out of convenience more than anything. I have to admit though I do want half a cupcake real bad and despite there are cupcakes in my cabinet I shall look at the big picture and prevail.

However, I am anticipating on ending the New Year with a 5K New Years Eve race in Philly. What are your plans for bringing in the New Year??? Is running in any of them?


lovin_MY_Bawdy said...

Oh em gee! Congrats on being accepted! I know the idea of losing 27 pounds by April is daunting, but with perseverance it can surely be done. I'm new to your blog, but its so good to see another black woman making strides not only for a better life, but for the betterment of others. GUHLLLLL. If you have a man, keep the necklace and send me the firefighter, mmkay? *fans self*

Running Is... said...

Thank you and welcome! I'm pushing through and beginning to see results. If I keep on like this then I will be there before April. :)

I don't have man but I know a lot can happen between now and April so provided my status changes I will be sure to send the cutie your way. LOL!