Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fast Is Over!!!

My original plan was to do the Daniel Fast until the end of the year and it all came to an end a week ago. I started to get sick, I had no energy and despite my attempts to mix beans, rice and vegetables to get my protein and iron up (I have anemia); my cycle plus the fast was not working out. I ended up weaning myself off of it and THEN.... I went out of control with my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth; pies, cupcakes, cookies, cake and candy I LOVE. So when I finally got to sink my teeth into a wonderful strawberry cupcake with butter creme frosting it was a done deal and for a week straight I struggled to get myself back in control and back on the eating plan I was on before beginning the fast.

It's has been difficult and I think the next time I do this, yes I will fast again, I will have to do better with weaning myself off and make sure I have healthier sweet alternatives to curb my sweet tooth and to keep myself from getting out of control.

Does that mean I'm free and clear to throw down for Christmas? No, no it doesn't at this point I HAVE to lose 27lbs (I lost 10lbs on the fast) and I can't allow for too many set backs. I have a half marathon coming up in April so I will be training for that half.

Until next time Folks, be blessed!!

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