Monday, March 25, 2013

Snacks That Touch My Soul

They say the first step to any kind of change is admitting who you are and what your flaws/vices are. So yeah, I'm a snacker and I like my snacks. You want to see me praise the good Lord for something small and seemingly insignificant? Then put a tasty snack treat in my hand and watch me throw up my "Mariah hand" in praise to the Lord who created the man, who thus went on to create such a confection. Yes!

I was eating the Fiber One Chocolate snack bars and found the generic/store brand ones tasted better. For some strange and unexplained reason my local grocery store stopped selling the chocolate flavor.  I mean no warning no nothing just stopped. So I had to search for something else in that aisle to get me through until I figured something out.  

I looked up and these Cherry & Almond bars caught my eye....ok so what really caught my eye was that they were on sale. Yes, yes I'm a miser. Any way, I figure what could it hurt. I love dried cherries and I love almonds, perfect!

I'm addicted to them now! If I'm not careful I would eat a whole box in one night. Not saying that I have eaten a whole box in one night, I'm saying that I would. :)

I went onto the company's website and they have a whole line of products; 100 calorie brownies, soy chips and bars in other flavors. I am so in love with these bars that I went and purchased them in bulk. My face will be pressed against the window waiting for UPS to deliver them to my door next week. 

Now that I'm trying to focus more on clean eating these I stumbled on these bars right on time. Gluten free, dairy free, all natural no artificial sweeter.

This snack right here saves feeling and lives. I can honestly say I struggle the most with this weight loss journey when it's time for my cycle to come. I do suffer from PMS (at one point it was real severe) so I find that I crave sweets, more specifically chocolate. Yes, I have heard that taking magnesium supplements will eliminate the craving but I'm already taking a lot of supplements and really don't want to add another pill onto what I'm already taking so yes this keeps me quiet. 

These are soooooo good. A serving size is 9 pieces and only 130 per serving. Most bags come with nice sized pieces in them so you will feel satisfaction after just one serving. Yes, this is an addictive snack and the pack is so small that you can easily eat the whole pack and not realize it until it is gone. I admit I have eaten a whole pack. I have gotten in the habit of counting out my serving and putting the bag away. None the less it tames that raging hormonal craving beast in me, without my feeling like I need to count it as a "cheat snack".

This little bag is $5 from the store. I have been doing some research to see if it would be cheaper to buy this in bulk. Like I said this is highly, highly addictive so I'm not sure how I would do with multiple bags of this at my disposal. I suppose that is what will power is for. *shrugs*

I am always looking for new snacks to add to my list of snack that touch my soul so please feel more than free to share your favorite snacks with me. 

Be blessed!

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