Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sports Bras On A Budget

I swear every time I get something in the mail it is like Christmas.

Anyway, I have lost 60lbs to this date and noticed excessive movement during a work out which indicated that I really, really needed some new sports bras. I'm doing this lifestyle change on a serious budget so when I set out to look for new sports bras it took me a while to do my research. 

Considering I was not able to really get around with my foot being all cracked up I had to rely on online reviews on different brand sports bra. 

I stumbled upon the Old Navy padded sports bras. Not only were they on sale but at the time Old Navy was offering a 30% coupon off of my total order. Jackpot! 

I essentially got 3 bras for $9 each.

The bras got so many mixes reviews that I felt like I was taking a risk. So to help any one else out that is considering the Old Navy brand or is looking for an inexpensive but good support sports bra here is my $0.02 on the bras.

The bras are padded. If you want you can remove the pads. Actually they suggest you remove the pads prior to washing them. The bras fit real snug so my suggestion is get a size larger than what your normal size is. According to their size chart I should be in a Medium but I ended up ordering them in Large and I'm thankful for that. These bad boys run small. Nice fit though but snug. 

I can honestly say they are good for women who have rather large breasts. The bra holds extremely well. I have experienced very little movement in them when working out, everything is held in place, there is lift, there is no uni breast phenomenon going on and it actually looks like I had some work done. LOL!

I was warned that the bras hold moisture and honestly that has not been my experience. They seem to dry rather quickly. 

I can't complain and I really love the bras. I will be purchasing a few more. 

Now though I said I really can't complain...one thing I really don't like is removing the pads. Removable pads  are like socks they get lost and considering my headlights show while working out I prefer a padded bra. So if Old Navy can make a bra that does not require removal of the pads prior to washing I would be deeply in love.  Anyway, for $9 a bra I shall not complain. 

Let me know what bras you like to wear during your work out. I would love to try some different brands. 

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