Friday, October 26, 2012

Daniel Fast: Week 1

The Daniel Fast, for those that aren't familiar with it, is a fast that is supposed to help you detox your body as well as strengthen your spiritual walk with God. For a 21 day period (some do it longer) you only consume fruits, vegetables, seed/nuts, whole grains and water. You cannot have any kind of meat, sugar (artificial sweeteners included), no bread made with yeast or sugar,no juice, coffee, tea or any of the like the only beverage you consume is water....plenty of water. Oy! I feel like my eye balls are floating.

The fast is not that bad. I still get to eat  but I'm just restricted to what I can and need to look at the ingredients in some of the food that I purchase like tortillas or flat bread (making me a label stalker). Day five was the toughest day out of the week; I had just came on my cycle, I felt as though I was going through withdrawal (I'm a sugar addict), I had a massive headache and I wanted a cookie so bad. I have to admit I was not up on my prayer and writing in my journal for the first few days of the fast, so the withdrawal that I was going through was the thing that drove me to start praying and writing. I needed something to keep me from raiding the cookie aisle at the grocery store.

I'm still tracking my calories while on the fast and one would thing that just eating fruits, veggies and grains can't do a lot of damage, but it can. Some of those whole grains and nuts have a lot of carbs and pack a whole lot of calories and considering that I am not running for this week it is real critical that I watch it because it is real easy to over eat. I over ate the other day and I had to start all over again the next day.

I have started taking a multi vitamin, finally. I hate taking pills...I do they are hard to swallow but I managed to find vitamins at Walgreens that were smaller than an Advil, so that makes taking vitamins doable for me. Now I just need to remember to take them on a daily.

Peace, blessings to you all and East Coast residents be safe with the storm coming.

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