Monday, October 8, 2012

The Social Life: Second Date

So the second date went ok. I overall had a good time and great conversation despite the fact that I was tired and feeling a little under the weather. At some point the conversation got a little serious but we are still learning each others mannerisms so it is all good. One thing I took notice is how we have differing opinions on food and nutrition.

Why I end up meeting people who like to borderline or completely over indulge in food is beyond me, but I kind of got that impression from him while we were at dinner and I was contemplating what to eat. I had to choose my meal carefully considering I was slated to run a 5K race in less than 24 hours. What you eat the night before a race can effect you in so many unpleasant and embarrassing ways that I have to do a whole other blog on it.

So we are sitting there and he is telling me he wants me to "eat" and not get a salad and soup or something light along those lines. Then he proceeds to try to school me on nutrition. I sat and listened to what he has to say knowing; I've lost 50lbs since February of this year and after many nutritional trials and tribulations I figured out what works for me and what doesn't work for me so, at this point I'm humoring him and his borderline persuasive conversation on indulging. At the end of the evening I can say this is one of a few things we discussed that doesn't sit well with me, as he has touched on my eating and work out habits quite a bit.

During conversation last night he had mentioned that he felt he needed to get on my eating schedule or plan. Now he is saying he wants to go to the gym and put some time in on the treadmill so he can keep up with me on pavement. I am about being a positive influence on others but I want people to do things for themselves...I want them to do what they feel is going to make them the best them they can be,  not necessarily to be align with me.

I maintain what I stated before, yes the enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition in a partner would be nice but if that person just does not have it then the support and encouragement to keep going is just as good.

Ehh we are only two weeks into this we shall see what the end of the month brings in regard to this here dating situation.

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