Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Was Checked!!!!!

I know that I work hard and strive to think positive but sometimes I slip and steer towards the path of the negative. I can say that God has blessed me wholeheartedly with so many people that keep me straight and keep me on that narrow path. Last night was a true testament to that.

See, in November the week before Thanksgiving there is a 10K race being held called the Turkey chase. I was all for the chase until I heard through the grapevine that for what ever reason they will not allow for you to listen to music during the race. What the what?! *going into full Tamar Braxton mode* What they mean you can't listen to music during the race?! She, yes me, she don't run with out no music!!! *leans back with lip poked out*

So last night I was asked if I was still doing the Turkey Chase Race and I straight said out of my mouth, "I was told they won't allow us run with music and I can't run without my music *Tamar bounce*" and then Jo, my running mate said, "STOP SAYING YOU CAN'T run without music. You just prefer to run with music." Then it hit me I was check and I needed it. It made me think that I have really been slipping when it comes to being positive about this running thing, especially since I have hurt my knee.

So, I have an appointment next week to see a Sports Medicine doctor to look at my knee and possibly my whole leg because my hip flexors have been screaming  after my runs. I'm going to wait until after my appointment before I continue training for the half and before I commit myself to anymore races.

I am steadily praying that this is just a strain and with proper care and rest I will be able to run many more days. Until then I will be KT Taped up to do some light running and I might revisit spin class and/or Insanity program just to keep myself moving.

Have a blessed day folks!

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