Friday, October 26, 2012

The Social Life: How Come No One Told Me?!

I was helping a friend organize her basement over the past weekend and she came across some old pictures of herself. She was looking through the pictures and she was just like, "how come no one told me I was this big?"

She has lost 100lbs (applause, applause) but I don't ever recall her being that big...I don't think I personally ever paid attention to it. But how do you tell someone that they can stand to lose some weight? I mean what do you say or is that something that even needs to be said?

Now, I always said to my close friends and sorors that if I ever get "that big" please make me run behind your car. I'm serious don't let me get out of control... wellll! I was scrolling through my FB page and came across this old picture my frat brother tagged me in...

OH BABY! Jesus, Mary and Joseph my arm looks like a HAMHOCK. Why didn't any one tell me I was that big? Especially when I left the door open for such information to be given to me??  At this moment I understood the sentiments my friend had, with exception. I told you all to hold me responsible, friends don't let friends gain this much weight...really, no one said anything. LOL! LOL! I can laugh now but dang.

Anyway, this is my frat brother in the picture with me. Since he has lost 50lbs, is walking around looking all kinds of extra sexy, he and I definitely need to take another picture together so you all can have an appreciation for how far we both have come with the weight loss. I asked him to take the picture down but he refuses...he says it's to remind us of what we won't go back to. Isn't he sweet? *Muah* Thank you my Dear for allowing me to use the pic. ;-)

This picture was taken of me earlier this month...big difference...especially in the arms.

So the point of all this is to ask, do you really expect/wish for your friends/family to hold you accountable for your weight? In points in your life when your weight has increased did you really want someone to say, hey you're getting a lil thick all over? Do you think it's their place? If someone were to pull you aside and mention you could stand to lose some weight would that be a motivation for you or offensive?

Let me hear your thoughts. Peace, blessings, happiness and love. 

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