Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally!!! Thank Heaven for 7-11

I always vowed that one day I would see this infamous 7-11 that my ladies who run 5 plus miles use as their land mark to pin point how far they have gone.

I alway said to myself one day I will see this 7-11, one day I will see it not from a far but up close, I will get my self to run down there and today was the day.

Not only did I see the 7-11 I ran past it. It was not until I saw one of my six milers bookin, yes bookin back down the hill, that something told me to look down at my phone and what do you know? I had ran further than I should have bringing my mileage total today at 5.22 miles. Wow, I did it. This small accomplishment has made my excitement and enthusiasm for running grow even more today.

Yaaaay me! 13.1 In Training!!!! Go get it!

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