Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I Did It, Why I Set Off To Lose The Weight???

Why is it when someone starts off on a path to weight loss, fitness or some type of significant life change does the "why" behind the change have to be for any other reason than for that person to live the best and healthiest life they can live?

 I normally don't care what others think of me and the things that I am doing because I dance to the beat of my own tune; that is what makes me stand out from all the rest. But some of the questions I have gotten in regard to my wanting to and working to lose weight has had me wondering, really? Seriously? Really? No, I'm not losing weight because I want to catch a man and marry...if that man can't love me at 245lbs then he just doesn't need to be in my life... there is something called unconditional love. Looks do fade over time and something more substantial needs to be there to hold a person in a relationship besides the physical. 

 Bottom line I was tired of being over weight. I had gotten to the point where walking up the stairs was a task, my knees were hurting me bad and I had no energy to do things with my children. I was tired all the time and when the kids wanted to play I had to gracefully decline. It felt like I put my kids in the position where they were taking care of me more than they should have and that was not fair to them. I was not comfortable in my own skin, my own clothes, I hated pictures that were taken of me at events. I was just done.

Additionally, I was also changing spiritually, growing in different areas personally and I needed for my outside to match what was changing in the inside. I know a person can change when ever they want but they have to be ready to do it first. Then they have to figure out the best way to make that change. Hence why I started this blog to give people a starting point. No, you don't have to get out on a run trail and start blazing a path; start off with a walk, then work up to a slog (slow jog), then transition to a jog, then work into a full on run...see building your endurance and increasing your progress.

Sorry, tangent. So yes, I first started off by going to a weight loss doctor and doing the Phentermine and B12 shots, after about 5 months of that I stopped. I did not like the press to lose weight and the lack of knowledge the staff had in regard to weight loss especially as it pertains to women. Due to the changes in hormones through out the month our weight will fluctuate. I know that two-three weeks prior to my cycle I enter into a severe state of PMS some would classify it as PMDD, not only are my moods off but I retain at least 5-10lbs of water and I experience swelling in my legs. When you first start an exercise such as Insanity, running or strength training you are building muscles you have never really built before and once you stop the activity or level off in it you will see the loss. They didn't get it. The meal plan did not provide enough calories for the amount of activity that I was engaging in and I wanted to finish this last 37lbs off on my own; therefore I stopped taking both Phentermine and B12.

I can definitely say that it has been some what of a struggle since going off the medication but a beautiful struggle it has been none the less. I have learned more and more about my body, I have learned how to increase my caloric intake while still making healthy eating choices. The numbers on the scale may not be where I expect for them to be but my body is beginning to tone and I'm starting to see muscles. My, my I always knew those muscles were there but I never ever, seen them like this before. LOL!

Anyway, all this to say what ever reason you have motivating you to make your change let it push you,  push past what ever you think is in your way (ie laziness, lack of knowledge etc.), get up and start working on it little by little. Ask someone one... feel free to ask me! I have a contact page at the top, click and fill it out with your questions. I will respond to your question in the form of a blog entry (keeping you anonymous of course). Just don't give up, and don't stop working towards your goals. 

Peace and blessings to you...

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