Saturday, September 1, 2012

Insanity: The Confrontation & Explanation (In Pictures & Some Words)

* Limps into the house this morning, walks into the kitchen and turns on the kitchen light*

* startled* Oh damn! Mr. T! *looks around* What's up? What chu doing here? In my house? Waiting, in the dark?

 I know you haven't seen me since Wednesday...see what had happened was...

 What? Wait, what? Are you laughing at me? I haven't even explained! Damn! Can I tell you what went down?!

 Mhm...well Thursday I ran 4.06 miles non stop mind you, last night I ran 4.00 miles on an unfamiliar unpaved trail in the middle of the night, with the moon being my only light source on the path and after limping in the house at 12AM in the morning, I got up at 6:15ish AM and ran another 3.19 miles. I mean damn you expect to see me after all that?! Give me a break! I'll start back Monday, damn.

So, I mean are we, we good? We straight?

Ok, that is great, it's wonderful...thank you.

Ummm sir, have got to don't want none of this, trust me I know you don't. o_o The door is that way. I will see you on Monday. 


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