Monday, September 24, 2012

Things I Never Thought I Would Buy

It is amazing how when you get into something new is completely transforms your life and has you doing and purchasing things you would never purchase.

I was in Walmart and found myself looking for Epsom salt, aspercreme, ibuprofen, KT Tape, cold and hot packs.

First can I just say the aspercreme does not work for me and I'm just glad I got it on the cheap. The Epsom salt baths are glorious and I find that my muscles are no longer sore afterward,  love it. I tend to follow up with an application of KT Tape Pro to the areas which hurt the most' in my case my outer hip.

Speaking of KT Tape, this stuff right here is the and then some. When my sorority sister mentioned it I have to admit I was really skeptical about it, as I did not have an understanding how some gauze like tape was going to take my pain away during my activities. So I hopped over to the website to nose around and see what was up.

Apparently the tape takes the pressure off of sore muscles and provides support to them and the surrounding muscles which makes moving pain free. There is a difference between the regular tape and the pro tape in quantity and in price. Regular tape you get 10 strips for $9.00 and for the Pro you get 20 strips of tape for $19.00 so in away it all evens out in terms of quantity and price. 

Also, not all stores carry the Pro so you will have to perform a search on the website and click the button that say "show stores that carry pro tape first". It took me a while to catch onto that...after having gone to four stores in different locations only to be told to check the box and I finally found a store that sold it. Anyway, that was the best $19 I spent. I taped my hip up the following day prior to my run and I did not feel any pain at all. You can shower with it on and it will stay on for up to 7 days. So yes, I highly, highly recommend this product for any one who experiences any kind of muscle soreness or strain, yet is still pushing to get up, get out, get  moving and keep moving.

I only had to use the cold packs once and they seemed pretty decent. I have a feeling that as I move into running double digit miles I might have to start doing ice baths.

The thought of that is really messing with my head because I HATE ice. Don't like seeing it, hearing it clink, hear people chew it, nothing, nothing about ice do I like so for me to sub come to an ice bath or the thought of having to do them in the near future just attests to how serious this running thing is getting for me.

In being honest, real and transparent I will be certain to chronicle my first ice bath reaction and all. 

Alright y'all I'm out. Have a blessed day on purpose.

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