Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Drank The Kool Aid: Annapolis 1/2 Marathon In Training

We all know the term, "Drinking the Kool Aid" and yes when you come over to BGR! Baltimore running group the Kool Aid gets served with a warm hug, a smile and tons of peer pressure ahem I mean encouragement. :) 

So the registration for the Baltimore Running Festival was sold out for the 5K and my soror suggested that I do the half marathon, which is in 6 weeks. I felt as though I could not train for a half marathon in 6 weeks with out putting myself at high risk for injury sooooo someone came and mentioned the Annapolis half being held December 1, which of course would give me plenty of time to train. It did not take a whole lot of coaxing from them to get me to say, "I'm in" but I'm nervous as this is happening a whole lot sooner than I thought. I guess it all goes back to my sentiments in the Blue Moon entry when I said I wanted to train for the Nike Half coming to DC in April because I wanted to do a half marathon. Ask and yes shall receive?

I'm going to get this out of the way here so I can move on and focus on I stated above I'm nervous...scratch that I have some fears. Not of running, not of even running that distance but I don't want to injure myself. With a sport like running it is quite easy to injure yourself while you are out there on pavement, and running can also be hard on the knees. If anyone has had any kind of injury due to fitness or running *raises hand* then you know it is not the best feeling in the world and it is also a set back in reaching your goal which makes you feel worse and I truly prefer to be well so I can run another day. 

None the less if I have a problem then I always have a solution to it. I'm mapping out my training plan now. In knowing my body like I do, I will need to have periods of rest and add some sort of strength training back into my plan, which means Insanity may have to go on the shelf for a while until after I complete this race so I can spend some time in the weight room lifting and really strengthening my muscles. Prayer...a lot of prayer and calling on the blood of the lamb to get me seriously if you ever see me running with my hands up then I'm praising the good Lord for bringing me through and praying for an angel to swoop out of the sky and carry me the rest of the way. Hey my body gets weak and wearing especially when I hit that last mile. Ok, now that I have had my outburst I'm no longer nervous but ready to get out there and train,

This is just a side observation...warning possible inner greedy girl observation but some of the ladies that come out for their long runs are seriously loaded down with the best snacks and goodies. I have seen; sports beans (which I use for my 4 mile runs), cookies, nuts, all types of flavored water and sports bars (which I eat after a run...Luna Nutz Over Chocolate the BOMB); I'm like really? Seriously? You all are eating good on these long runs of course I know it is all in the name of replacing electrolytes and keeping the body fueled in order to complete the run but still I'm down with the snack. LOL!

I'll keep you all posted on my training and race results when that day comes...there will be plenty of pictures.

Be blessed on this Sunday folks. 

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