Friday, September 7, 2012

Nutrition: How I Eat

So I get a text message Sunday afternoon asking me, "what diet are you following?".
I answered the text by saying, "Not following a diet", which I'm not (she may not have meant diet as in deprivation diet). But I felt as though my answer was not helpful to the person asking the question. I figured I would lay out a thorough explanation right here on the good ole blog for every one to take what they can from it. 

In the words of Slick Rick, " And Heeeeeeere We Goooo"  Did I just date myself? Anyway!

Thanks to a BGR group mate for introducing me to Micahi's Ladder, which is what I use as the foundation for my meals throughout the day, week etc. In being a planner and a list maker (there is nothing wrong with lists get into it), I plan my meals out for the next 2-3 weeks so I know what to purchase at the store. I use Micahi's Ladder to formulate my grocery list prior to hitting the grocery store. Anything I make and/or eat will all come from the first 2-3 tiers of the list.

With each meal, with the exception of breakfast (unless it's an omelet), I will eat 2 cups of veggies. If it is a meatless day then I will eat 2 cups of vegetables in addition to what ever else I eat whether it be a wholegrain rice, vegetable, black bean or tomato soup.

I also have a personal formula that I follow, F&V Before EAE; Fruits and Vegetables Before Eating Anything Else. Any body who takes notice of how I eat they will see me eat my fruit and vegetables first before I touch my meat or my carbs.

I eat a good size breakfast, moderate size lunch and relatively small dinner; smaller meals/snacks in between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner. Once again vegetables and fruits. I pack at least 3-4 pieces of fruits and 2 additional veggies as snacks to take to work (I also eat a lot of bran).

Be aware of what foods your body can't handle and stay away from them or limit them. I can't eat red meat it wrecks havoc on my system so once in a blue moon you may see me eat a beef hot dog but that is the extent of it. I need carbs, if I don't have enough carbs then my mood is not good at all and every one around me suffers *evil laughter*. I make sure to eat the majority of my carbs during the day. :-)

I have a sweet tooth so I prepare for those moments. I will either eat Fiber One or Luna bars, make soft serve bananas in the blender (so, so good), make a fruit smoothie or concoct some form of low calorie sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

I drink water, at least 90 oz a day. I drink unsweetened tea (maybe I will use 1tsp of honey). I don't really drink too much alcohol, maybe once in a while I will have one drink while out with friends and it most likely will be a skinny alcoholic beverage. I don't do diet sodas often either, most don't taste to good to me. I schedule 2 cheat meals (not days) a month so I don't feel as though I'm depriving myself. 

Most importantly, I track what I eat. No matter how good or bad I eat, I track it. 

Hope someone out there finds this helpful. Have more questions? Leave it in the comment section. Don't want any one to know what you have questions about then hot me through the contact page.

Blessings to you! 

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