Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Gym: Things That Have Touched Me Today (Ranteration)

Today I went back into the gym for the first time in 6 weeks. I did not go and do my usual routine which is, go to what ever class is being held for that hour or run on the treadmill and leave. No I actually got on the elliptical for 15 minutes then I hit the Ladies Only section of the gym. 

Ok, let's begin with treadmills, ellipticals and the like. Please clean the machines when you get off. I normally clean the machine I have chosen before and after I get off; but still I don't want to literally clean up your sweat. I'm not your maid, I'm not your momma if you don't have any home training, then please fake it until you make it. Watch what the majority of people do and just assume that is what you should do too. Ok?

Now the weight room...I understand that the weight machines can be a bit intimidating and look a trite complex to figure out. Soooo if you are clinking the weight while lifting then that means either one or two things; you either don't know what you are doing or the weight you are lifting is entirely to heavy for you. The weight should never touch unless you are completely done lifting or just taking a rest between repetitions. May I make a suggestion? Just one tiny suggestion?? Ask one of the trainers chilling down stairs hoping and waiting for some lost soul to ask them a fitness question to make their way upstairs and show you how to adjust the machine, find the right weight for you and properly use the machine. I silently cheer for people that I see in the gym working hard to become fit and this bothers me not because they are wrong but because they may not get the results they want or they may even hurt themselves which may lead to them throwing in the towel and never trying again. So yeah, grab a trainer by the hand and ask him/her to show you how to use this and possibly suggest an alternative method to the machine you are using.

Ladies, bras...wear them. Get the proper bra for your boobies. When I first started I had to double down (wear a sports bra under a top with a built in sports bra). Boobs flopping uncontrollably, almost having a Janet Jackson type situation is so not cute, attractive or appealing and I cry inside for your shoulders and your back. ;-(

Also, can we try to get some as my Twin would say, "refreshment" of ourselves before we go to the gym? This is for both men in women. I find that people that stink while at the gym are the main ones that are doing the MOST. I mean the most sweating the, the most grunting, wants to be the most closest to you just the most. Soap and water or baby wipes, maybe some body spray on top of that (the soap and water or baby wipe down, not the funk)  but for some of you freshening your self up a bit is a requirement; not an option but a necessary requirement.  Please think about your fellow gym user. 

Oh and speaking of smells can we try not to pass gas in the classes. The common area hey go for it. It is open and highly ventilated but the classes are enclosed, hot as hell and the fan just blow the hot air and funk around so, please stop it or else I will be forced to Febreeze you in front of everyone.

Last one then I'm done. When you are in a class that requires some sort of floor work like, let's say Yoga. You may want to position yourself in the same direction as the rest of the class that last thing you want is for someone to look up and see all of your personal business. It's not fun for them and embarrassing for you. 

That is all that has personally touched me and/or has irritated me today after my adventures to the gym. Call some of it crass if you want but it needed to be said. Take what you can from it, be a good friend/person and share it with others as a PSA or some sort of awareness. Let's make the gym environment a better environment, espcially since we are paying to be there

Be blessed folks!

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