Friday, September 21, 2012

My New Armband Arrived and Not Sure If I Like It...

First let me say I LOVE no matter what I'm looking for all I have to do is go over to Amazon, type in the product and start my price comparison from there.  

One of my BGR group mates asked where she could fine an arm band for her iPhone under $30. Amazon was among the answers so that reminded me that I wanted (emphasis on wanted) a new arm band. Why? My current arm band has a plastic covering on the front that makes it difficult for me to open, close and control my running app while I'm on the trail. It also gets real foggy because of my body heat which makes seeing what I'm doing difficult. So I set out to find an arm band that did not have the plastic covering.

I headed over to and found this right here....

It provided everything that I needed; open face, protection for my phone and it was cheap! Yes! I paid $1.95 for the arm band so I'm pleased...for now.

In examining the product further, though the strap looks short it stretches which I was pleased to see...until I tried it on. It fits a little tsnug for me. It took me a while to adjust it to the point where it felt comfortable to me.

I'm taking it out for a spin tomorrow so we will see how it really feels. BUT one thing I can say is that I can use the skin as an everyday protective covering for the phone and all I have to do is just feed the strap through the back when I want to run. This eliminates my having to take the whole phone out of the case just to put it in my current armband. 

Overall it does look like it is worth $2 but it got good reviews so I'm hoping it will stand the test of my 5 mile run. However, if you have large arms then I don't see this product being a comfortable product for you.

I keep on telling myself whether it be an article of clothing, an app or a some form of running accessory if I continue to search for perfection then I will eventually find it...i'll let you know when that happens.

Until then, have a wonderful evening. 

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