Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oh Wow! I've Changed!

It seems like there are so many stages a person can go through in their quest to lose weight and I think I have gotten to the stage of realization. This picture was taken yesterday prior to our group run. When I went to add it to the collage, I had to stop for a minute and look real closely. I gasped because I have changed so much in my appearance and it is just now hitting me; that this is me!

At that moment of realization I wanted to cry because I have been transforming so much on the inside and mentally, that finally the outside was catching up with what is going on inside of me. Hell, my whole life has change! LOL! I never thought I would buy KT Tape (which is heaven), purchase cold packs, take Epsom salt baths, consider taking ice bath ( and I HATE ice), buy aspercreme and sports beans, that is something athletes do. Then another realization; I am an athlete, I am a runner, I am healthy and I'm fit and that brings a happiness and joy to me that I cannot formulate the words to explain. :-))

Day 2 of Half Marathon training today! It was rough yesterday but I'm going to keep on keeping on. I will getting back into the weight room for some strength training on Friday. 

Happy Hump Day Y'all and do something today that is going to make YOU most HAPPY. :-)


ChyTownzFinest said...

You look freakin' AWESOME! Way to go!!!! Great job! What is the KT Tape used for? Is it the blue strips on your leg?

Running Is... said...

Thank you! Yes the KT Tape is the blue stuff on my leg. It is a tape that will take pressure off of sore, bruised or injured muscles and provides support to it and the surrounding muscles in order to elevate pain in the area (s) where you might be experiencing muscle pain. If you ever find you might need it get the "Pro". I can stay on for up to seven days even through showering.