Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Social Life: Dating

The online dating thing has lost my attention. For those that don't know me I have a very low tolerance for foolishness. When I'm surrounded by foolishness I lose interest and check out really quickly. This is what has happened here, I checked out.

I have/had been talking to one nice man or seemingly nice man but I just did not feel any chemistry with him and he is what I call a "some times person", which is someone who will text or call sometimes or someone that is just not consistent at all. So once in a while I will send him a text saying "hey" and once in a while I will get an "hi, sexy. how are you?" yeah ok moving on.

So I met another man who did not have a picture on his profile and I figured we are just talking I will get a picture from him later. After a few weeks of talking I was just like please send me a picture and gave him my email address. He emailed me a picture of a newspaper clipping that did not show his whole face. I forwarded it to my girlfriend for a second opinion because at this point my alarms are sounding off and the nagging voice inside is now screaming.

So she Googled him and can I just say Google is the damn devil? But in this case it was useful because we found out that he has had a rather loooooooooong history with the law that was very long and really recent. So, yeah I cut that off. Outside of the strange looking men that send me messages saying, "dam I want you" among other things I barely log into my account and I'm just waiting for my 6 month subscription to hurry up and run out.

Just to be fair there is some one I have been seeing off and on for over a year. But the off and on and him not knowing whether he wants to go right or left has me using my Do Not Disturb feature on my phone heavily and just feeling as though I don't be bothered with him some times. Yeah when you feel as though I roll my eyes as I answer your call then yes, I did roll my eyes as I picked up the phone.

 I no longer have tolerance of the "iffy" any more. If you're not sure about me then we aren't for each other and I'm moving onto something else. The time I use to entertain your phone calls and iffy behavior is time I am going to channel into studying for my certification exam, spending extra time with my kids, building my business, clipping my toes nails anything that is not wasting my time on the iffy.

Where are the descent men? Dating in the 2012 is so different than dating back in 02 or hell even in the late 90's. I was just telling my girlfriend that it would be nice to have someone there to dump the ice in my bath water for my ice baths, or to be at some of my races cheering me on and waiting for me at the finish line.

Ahhh well I suppose I shall prevail. Keep praying and waiting.


Jordan Ashlee said...

I met my fiance online and I have to agree with you, there are so many foolish and rude guys out there now. I was about to give up and then I met Casey. Have you tried That is the site we used. Dont give up, God has someone amazing out there for you.

Running Is... said...

Thank you Jordan. Your words were sweet and rather encouraging.I am glad you found some one for you. Yes, I am on POF and I have met quite a few men but none that were a good fit for me. I am going to continue to work on me while allowing myself to be open to some one. I suppose he will pop up in time.