Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running With Kids

From reading previous posts it is clear that I am a proponent for bringing the kids along for the fitness ride. I know my daughter gets to the point where she whines and doesn't want to go, but as I have explained to her  it is a nice way for us to do something together; something that gets us moving. I really feel that it will instill a habit of moving/fitness in her. Plus since she is ADHD it also helps to burn off some of that extra energy. 

After dealing with one of her tantrums a few days ago I was beginning to wonder is bringing her out with me really worth it?? Was it serving the purpose that I intended it to serve and should I just leave her with my Dad for an hour opposed to bringing her with me? 

It was not until we were walking back and talking one day that I realized my baby does not have a really good sense of self and that she is self conscious about a lot of things. She second guesses herself and I can see why he teachers all say she does not have confidence in her work. That talk made me realize that having those moments out on the trail with her is worth it because the issues she deals with comes out in the talks that we have through out activity. 

My solution to this issue?? A "Note from Mom". Every day when she opens her book bag or in this case her lunch box there will be a personal note from me letting her know all the wonderful things about herself in hopes that it will remind her that yes she is a great, confident and wonderful little girl who is cared for and so loved. 

Smile everyone tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

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