Friday, August 17, 2012

Products I Love: Tide Sport

I went grocery shopping last Saturday morning and as I was walking down the laundry detergent aisle I had to back track because this caught my eye...

Tide Sport! I kind of gave an eye roll to it because I know companies tend to get gimmicky when it comes to targeting their products to a certain group or demographic and the product is normally no different than what they already have to offer. Like, when Tide came out with the Tide with Downy line...I bought it and hated it. My clothes did not come out as fresh as if I were to have purchased regular scented Tide and April Fresh Downy separately.

Yes, I'm a fanatic for clean clothes and laundry. I'm also very particular about the things I use and buy. I treat products just like I treat customer service; if it is bad then you won't ever have to worry about me supporting or giving my business to that establishment or product again. I don't care if you are giving it away for free, if it is not good then I don't want it. 

Despite my skepticism I went a head and purchased a small bottle. I figured it would help with maintaining my moisture wicking tees and clothing; through they work wonders in keeping me cool and dry they tend to leave a smell behind after the sweat has long since evaporated.  Since I had a pile of work out clothes to wash I figured it was good timing. I went ahead and used it thinking it better work or Tide was going to get another long lengthy letter of complaint (with a request for refund) with a copy of my receipt. I can say I was pleasantly worked. My clothes came out a whole lot more fresher then when I use regular Tide. 

I opened up my dryer to take some clothes out for a work out and I was hit with this fresh, fragrant smell. OMG! My work out clothes have never smelled so good. I mean I was literally doing my lil dance over's the little things that make me happy. Ok?? Anyway, the freshness lasted through out my Insanity work outs which are my hardest and sweatiest works out through out the week. So if my moisture wicking shirts aren't funky after this work out (and they were just as fresh as when I took them out of the dryer) then this product gets my seal of approval, my highest recommendation (5 Hearts) and maybe a letter to Tide singing it's praises. 

 I spent $7.99 for the bottle and at first I intended to only use it for my work out clothes but the smell is so fresh that I will be using it to wash clothes with period.. If you find that the majority of you laundry consists of work out clothes,  if you work out heavily and frequently, or if you just like a long lasting fresh smell to your clothes then you might want to consider picking this up. 

If you pick it up email me at and let me know how you like it.

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