Friday, August 10, 2012

Encouragement, Motivation and Accountability...

Yes I'm back! LOL! So you have your running gear and you are all set to go but may I suggest you not go out alone (especially females)??? Find a friend to run with or you can find a running group.

I mentioned that my Sorors introduced me to the running group they were a part of, Black Girls Run. Black Girls Run was established by Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks to tackle the growing problem of obesity among back women. Before I go on please don't let the name deter or intimidate you I have seen women of all hues, ethnicity and nationalities out at group runs so if there is one in your area by all means join us. After all we are all sisters in fitness.

Joining BGR was the best thing I could have ever done. The encouragement, motivation and accountability I get from the ladies in the group is priceless and something I will forever cherish. It is not very likely that you can have a large group of women come together and not have some form of cattiness...well not BGR we all love each other, we care for one another and we encourage each other to push past the negative things that we formulate in our heads as well as some of the negative things you might get from others. Oh yes when people make huge changes in their life for the better there may be a person or two out there that for what ever reason feels as though they should throw a thunder bolt of negativity your way. Ignore it and know you are working on being the best and most healthiest person you can be.

Now when I came into BGR there was no  standing run in my neighborhood so I found myself having to drive to some of the standing runs in the surrounding areas. Until one fateful day one of the other neighborhood runs decided they wanted to run the trail right around the corner from my house. YES!!!! That was such a successful run, we had a great turn out and then someone requested an unofficial run the following Saturday in the same location. I remember coming into the forum and saying, "I wish this was an official standing run". The fire storm of interest propelled from there and I asked the run ambassador if we could make it a standing run, she blessed it and granted me run coordinator status. I asked and God made it so. We are out there on Saturdays, unofficially out there on the run trail Tuesdays and Thursday (maybe official runs soon). Oh and how long have I been running at the point?? Eight weeks *pops collar*. I can do it and I did it! God is good.

So yes, aligning yourself with a group of like minded individuals that have the same goals as you is very, very helpful to being successful not in just running and fitness but in what ever you do. I understand that BGR may not be for every one so I figured I could highlight other running groups around the country, so please by all means email me at and tell me about the group you run with so I can highlight it on the blog. If you feel running with a group would be beneficial let me help you find a place where you think you fit in.

BGR standing runs is open and welcome to all levels, so if you are a walker then come out and walk. Oh and you remember me saying that I got left my first run?? Be prepared for that to happen but in BGR our motto is "no woman left behind" so it is something special to have a group of women cheering you on as you exit the trail or end your route. 

I had 8 milers out on the trail this past Saturday, my soror, daughter and I were waiting right there for them with cheers and praise when they came back. They did the damn thing and I'm proud of them.

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