Monday, August 13, 2012

Nutrition: The Transition

I know the transition to healthy eating is hard, really hard. In talking to friends the complaints range from; I love food to much, I don't have any will power to it costs to much too eat right. Yes, yes it does cost a little more to eat right...I finally went to the grocery store Thursday evening and spent $80 on fruits, veggies, diary products etc; and only came out with four bags. 

I kind of figured out how to make healthy eating affordable. In stead of buying fresh I buy frozen fruits and veggies that I eat on a daily basis; if they are on a very good sale I will stock up, bring them home wash and freeze them for later use. Saves me a lot of money. Chicken, fish and ground turkey (I don't eat beef) I purchase those on sale as well and freeze them. Hmmmm I think I need a deep freezer....

Ok, enough about me this is about you. First things first track what you are eating. Whether it be by journal, website or app ( is my personal favorite) track it. Tracking your intake helps you keep track not only of what you are eating but it helps determine if you are taking in the proper amount of calories in order to lose the weight. It also helps you track your carbs, fat and activity as well; a one stop shop. 

Now if you feel you can't make the transition cold turkey then don't. Make the transition over a period of time as every small change makes a big difference in the end. Try cutting out drinking soda and juice for two weeks; only drink water (if you don't like the taste of plain water use a little bit of this), then swap out your fatty snacks for fresh fruit and/or veggies for another two weeks, then start formulating healthier meals the next two weeks all the while continuing the habits you started previously. Go for the gusto and start adding activity to what you have consistently started doing.

I know most people are busy, like me, and it is often hard to get those meals (struggling with getting enough food in) and activity in; draft up a schedule and block off some time for yourself. I have the gym class schedule posted on my refrigerator so I know what class is when and I have highlighted the classes that I am going to take on particular days and times. Now that I've completely lost my mind and started doing the Insanity workout I have the Insanity schedule up on the refrigerator with my run days marked off on it. Have your schedule hanging some where so it can be a constant reminder of where you need to be (your "me" time) and when. For those that have kids, take them with you! A walk around the neighborhood is not going to hurt them and it will also allow for family/bonding time with them as well start promoting healthy habits.

Pack a bag with your work out clothes in it and change prior to leaving work so you can go straight to the gym or place where you work out. I swear I'm the bag lady at work for real; I come in with my laptop bag, food bag and my gym back all at once.

Get into meal planning. I found that when I plan meals for the next few weeks I can better budget my grocery money. If I cook dinner then I make sure I make a little extra for me to pack for my lunch the next day or to have for dinner the next night. I also make sure to pack my snacks for the day as well and to have my water bottle (s) sitting in the refrigerator for me to grab and pack in the morning. I also make sure I have additional snacks in my snack drawer at work, those vending machines are the damn devil with a pitch fork calling me (plus just in case I forget to pack enough snacks).

No don't completely deprive your self, once you get into the swing of things learn how to make low fat/calorie versions of the things you love or throw a cheat meal on your schedule.  I said meal not day let's not get out of control here. I have a cheat meal schedules at least two times a  month (bi weekly schedule).

So here is an example of what I pack, mind you I only eat meat once a day... 

Snack bag of carrots, two to three pieces of fruit, cheese or yogurt, maybe some crackers,salad, dressing, water,water, water and my actual lunch which would consist of rice (or bread), steamed or sauteed vegetables and chicken/fish/turkey. I keep the to go peanut butter cups, tea, crystal light and baked cheese puffs in my snack draw.

Yes by the time I leave for the day I have eaten just about everything in my bag and I'm not hungry at all. 

I hope this helps someone in their transition. I know it is a hard move to make but it will be better for you in the end, oh and you can do it. You know that? Right?

Stayed tuned for some of my favorite products. Be blessed. 

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