Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inner Conflict: Me vs. My Thoughts. Did I Do The Right Thing?

I will always stand by a few things; I know a lot about a lot of things. I love to learn and when I come upon a subject that peaks my interest I will immerse myself into it and become well versed on it to make sure that it is something that is beneficial to me and others. I'm not perfect. A perfectionist? Oh yes! Perfect? No. I will always be a work in progress as I grow and allow for God to continue to transform me into who he intends for me to be. I know my intention is to be a better person and the best in everything I do but I'm sure God has something greater in mind for me than I have for myself (the same goes for you too). ;-)

With all of that I hate and I'm working on changing that inner struggle. You know that struggle where you make a hard choice, or make a major decision and for what ever reason you begin to second guess that choice/decision and you begin to wonder, did I do the right thing?? I had those moments recently in deciding to remove someone from my life.

I take people and relationships that I have seriously. I try my hardest to make even the most dysfunctional relationship work (being a warm person is a double edge sword) but now that I am at a point in my life where I want to surround myself with positive people that I know with out any doubt have my best interest at heart and are genuinely supportive of me as I am of them; I realized some folk(s) had to go. I have had a lot of loss with in the last few months and it made me realize that life is really short.  In knowing life is short makes me want to spend time with people that value the time they spend with me and that I have a genuine connection with. I want to live my best life and enjoy it with as little pain, minimal negativity and zero anger as possible.

So when it came to cleaning out my life and disconnecting myself from this person, though I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of me, my life seemed less hectic, I was happier and doors began to open for me; I still wondered if I did the right thing? The one thing I can say about God is he speaks through the people that are in your life so when I began to second guess myself last week about that particular situation this popped up in my Facebook feed...

After reading this I began to think about the role that person played in my life and how she had made me feel through out the years we have been acquainted with each other, which made me realize. I did the right thing for me. I recently posted a Facebook status saying that " is trying to remind myself that as I continue to dwell in this new season that I am in; I can't take every one with me, I will lose some people as a result of my growth and I'm completely ok with that. Reason, season or lifetime..."  

Ok then, I have to own that and be ok with it and I will continue to work on being solid in my choices. A work in progress I am and God is so not done with me yet. 

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