Friday, August 10, 2012

Run Forrest! Run!


I have seen the  movie Forrest Gump fifty million times since it has come out and every time it got to the point in the movie where Forrest was running, my friends and I laughed; we mimicked him.

It was not until after the report I got from my daughter's doctor today that I ACTUALLY understood where his need to run in the latter part of the movie stemmed from. You know that part in the movie when Jenny (as Forrest pronounces it Jennay) came back home to Alabama, spent time with Forrest, shared sweet moments with him, shared herself with Forrest then rolled out like a thief in the night. When Forrest woke up to the disappointment that the love of his life left him with no good bye, see you later, eff you, thanks for the roll in the hay nothing of course his feelings were crushed. How did he deal with it? He ran, and ran. Or according to him, "I was running, and running and running and running" *snickers*

Any way! When I got blind sided by the recommendations (and her doctor's thoughts) from my daughter's doctor today all I wanted to do was run. I wanted to run until her words stopped rolling around my head, I wanted to run until it all kind of made sense, I wanted to run until I fully processed it and accepted it...I just wanted to run until the whole conversation was a distance memory in my mind and everything I was feeling was gone. 

Granted, her doctor's assessment was not life threatening but it was potentially life altering. The thing that got me was that I thought we were doing sooo good. It is like running and then you find yourself at the beginning of a big hill, you take the hill thinking that either on the other end is flat pavement or it is all down hill then flat pavement only to find out that it is really a huge and long hill or after you go down hill there is another large hill waiting right there for you to climb; I was in no way prepared for the out come. *sigh*

Running is....

My therapy. Running I maintain a sense of mental stability. Running for my mind, body and spirit. Running I over come life's road blocks.

I named this blog and my company Running Is... because I want for people to formulate what it really is to them. What it does to them and for them besides creating a great body and aiding in a well functioning cardiovascular system. I want people to know that Running/fitness in general is something they can do...they can do anything, over come anything, find away around anything to live a happier and healthier life. 

I'm done and I'm praying that the storm let's up so I can go and run this out. If not there is always tomorrow. Until next time many blessings to you all. 

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