Friday, August 10, 2012

Mixtapes!!! Work Out Music!!!

So I'm constantly looking for new music to listen to and to keep me pumped up on my run. Yeah I know we are in the age of ipod, itunes, iphones and android decvices but being the true Gemini that I am I get bored real easily with the same old, same old music. Plus with itunes charging a max of $1.29 per song (Amazon is .99 per song on most songs but still) there is no way I'm going to be down loading a whole bunch of songs just to put together one play list that I'm going to be tired of listening to two weeks later.I was elated when one of the ladies in my BGR group forum had posted a link to a free mix tapes. *kool aid kid smile*

This lead me to seek out other websites that offer mix tapes that I could possibly download for my run. Now before I get to dropping websites on here and such let me just say that some may give you a mix tape free or advertise free mix tapes but please read their rules. I know one uses credits which can be bought or earned and the other you can subscribe to a membership where you get unlimited down loads. It is all up to you and what you feel comfortable doing. So with out further ado...

Rock My Run will give you 1 credit for joining and 1 credit each month just for being a registered member of the site. If you are someone that likes to constantly have new music to listen to during your run or work out then you can purchase credits are sold in increments of 1 and range in prices of $3.99 -$9.99 depending on how many credits you wish to purchase at one time. The number of credits used to purchase a mixtape is based on the length of the mixtape. Mixes less than an hour will cost 1 credit, Mixes that are an hour but less than two hours are 2 credits and any mix over two hour going to cost 3 credits.
The mixes are mostly pop, rock, a little bit of mainstream hip hop sprinkled in and some house/dance/club music. My personal favorites are the house/club mixes. The site will let you listen to a sample of the actual mix tape prior to making a purchase.

Up next!!!

Shape magazine has offered a free 30 minute mix for the month of August go listen to the sample and download if it is to your liking. Now this site is pretty straight forward you pay per mix down load. The prices range from $6.99- $10.99 with the majority of the mix down loads being $10.99. This site offers a variety of mix downloads for any and almost every work out type. You name the genre and you can get it and yes it allows for you to listen prior to purchasing. At the tune of $10.99 I want to like more than 50% of the mix before I purchase it. That's just me.

Now the next one issssss not for everyone...if you like what I call ratchet music then this next site is for you.

Datpiff is mostly filled with hip hop mix tapes both main stream and underground. With a basic membership you have a limit of 5 downloads a day if you want to pay the money for a subscription to this website in order to obtain unlimited downloads then by all means go for it. You have an option of 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year access ranging in price from $2.99 to $60.00 for a subscription depending on how long you wish to have unlimited access. So you can secretly load up the ratchet running or work out playlist that you would never want your momma or most conservative friends to hear.

Oh no worries I'm not judging what so ever as I have at least 4 mixes sitting in the favorites section awaiting down loading and I will be out on the run trail with much excitement trying my hardest not to repeat the lyrics and sounds out loud that will be filling my ears as I trot down the trail.

Email me with you favorite mix tape site at and let put it on blast for you. Hey one can never have to much variety when it comes to music. Have a wonderful day on purpose, keep moving and stay blessed. 

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