Friday, August 10, 2012

Ask And Ye Shall Receive...

I had just started running, it had only been three weeks, and the Baltimore Women's Classic was around the corner; I was not registered. I wanted to run I really did but the race was right around the corner and my bank account was screaming, "NO!!! You can't! You won't! Don't be mad!" LOL! 

So after a standing run every one was buzzing on Facebook about how they were so excited and pumped for the BWC and all I could say was, "I wish I could run with you all." I really did. I know I had been at it for three weeks but I still wanted to be out there, running. The next day I get a text message letting me know that someone in our group was not able to run and they were giving away their bib. I responded quickly and got it. After I got it those thoughts began to plague me. I was beginning to doubt my ability to do this. Once again Shaun stop it. I asked for it, it came to me now embrace it and run it. I changed my attitude quickly because, I was running the BWC!

I got there and was in awe at the fact that I was one of over 240 BGR women who came out to run the BWC. The reality of what I was a part of finally hit me when I saw the group picture. It was amazing. I ran the course at least majority of it that hill on that first leg of the race got me. I was struggling with breathing but I pushed through it and I increased my pace and came in almost 10 minutes faster than my usual time. How is that for progress and building endurance? I was so excited about accomplishing it but there was still something wrong...I can't breath. I'm faking it acting like I'm ok in the excitement of the accomplishment but really I can't breath. Something was wrong and I needed to figure it out. 

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