Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Dating Game: Ok Y'all I'm Officially In

After not having been in a serious relationship for some years I feel as though I'm really ready for a serious relationship....actually I want to get remarried. However, I understand that one has to date in order to marry annnnd the dating is the part I have always hated in the getting to that relationship point.

Since I have gotten to a place in my life where I want to have fun, I figured I would change my approach to dating and laugh. Laugh at the pitfalls and weirdos opposed to allowing it to make meeting the needle in the hay stack that much more of a painful process.

Hell, I laugh at half the stuff I have been through anyway like; the guy who brought his home boy with us on our date then tried to act like he wanted to skip out on paying the bill or the dude that ordered an appetizer for us to share...hilarious.

I'm just praying that "he" who finds me has really good character and a nice personality. If I find him appealing, can stand his flaws and we have chemistry then that is a good start. I'm going to start online and see what comes about...I'm open to and deserving of love from a good person. <~~~~ Speak it, know it, work on it and wait on God.

Anyway, my one concern with dating is the possible disruption of my flow. I have been doing so well in all areas of my life that I don't want to loose sight of that or let things fall by the way side just because I have a man in my life. When I was seeing my therapist she told me that I worry about that too much and I use it as an excuse not to put myself out there to meet someone. Gosh, she reads me a little too well. :-/

I suppose that part of the process is really vocalizing what is what in my life out side of my children. Yes, children are a given importance; at least they should be. However, working out/running is important to me as well. This man will have to either be active, supportive of my being active or both. I suppose I should just stop over thinking this whole thing, put that on the list and stop trying to find excuses not to find a husband (or allow my husband to find me). :)

So, get your carrots, celery sticks, yogurt and berries, pull up a seat and wait for some interesting up dates. :)


M said...

Hee. :-)

Here from BBG2WL - waiting for the updates!

Running Is... said...

Welcome and thank you for stopping by, Yes, there is one update and there should be other updates coming rather soon. :)