Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Up Next: Baaa De Yaaa Dancing In September!!

LOL! Sorry couldn't resist I'm a big Earth, Wind and Fire fan. :)

Can you believe it?! The end of August is quickly approaching (yes my kids go back to school *holy ghost dance*) and soon September will be here.

As I'm sitting here reading my Real Simple Magazine they had an interesting article in the September 2012 issue on switching up your work out to prevent work out boredom that grabbed my attention because it hit some of the topics I recently had conversation (s) about with others a few weeks ago.

September will be the month of the Guinea Pig as I will be testing some things out and letting you know whether you should run out and get it or just leave it right in the store. I will also be blogging about other subjects that I have been slow to blog (procrastination) about like Barefoot/Minimalist Running, life changes (shedding old friends habits, getting back to dating, oh my!), running in the cold weather, maybe a give away contest and a plethora of other things.

With out further ado....

Fit Bit is an activity manager. You clip it onto you pants, shirt or the inside of your bra and go on about you day, along with wearing it at night while you sleep. It uses ultra sensitive movement monitors to track your every movement such as; your distance, calories burned, time spent exercising every step you take, every move you make, every breathe you take this little thing is tracking you, 24/7. It can sync all the wonderful information to a computer or your smart phone. The one thing that makes me feel like it is worth the money for me to spend is that it syncs with myfitnesspal.com *squeals*, and it can also sync with any other calories tracking program you use as they have a list of applications. Also, I have sleep issues so it would be interesting to see how my sleep pattern really is a night. 

There are other devices out there that are like Fit Bit; Body Bugg and Body Media Fit both devices seem to come in the form of a wrist or arm band that you wear throughout the day and both products provide you with an iPhone or Android app so you can manage your progress with your smart phone. Out of these two products Body Media Fit is the only one the also can be worn during sleep to measure the quality of your sleep.  The draw back I find to both devices is that you have to purchase a monthly subscription in order to log your food intake along with managing you calories burned. I have looked all over both sites and it seems as though syncing to outside apps is not an option. The subscription prices range from $7 a month and up.

The actual devices start at $99 but I'm sure if you go to amazon.com or ebay.com then you should be able to find the device at a small discounted price. I will be ordering my Fit Bit at the end of the week and provide updates as I use it through out the next few months.


Myo Therapy Ball

I have a slightly smaller version of this ball in my car. My daughter has been playing with it for years and I have been trying to figure out what the hell the purpose of it is and I have asked, "what is this thing used for?". I have been told it was used to for the dryer to help keep the clothes separated while drying, I was told it was a dog toy and my daughter thinks it is her personal toy; only to find out it is a ball that is used to massage those hard to reach muscle areas in order to get rid of those aches and pains that one can get when they work out. *blink, blink* Yeah I have heard of the foam roller but I don't want that taking up space in my house. I can easily throw a ball some where and retrieve it. Once the kid goes to sleep I'm going to get this little muscle soother out of the car and start rolling on some areas that I have unsuccessfully tried to stretch out over the last few weeks. We shall see how it works. If it works perfectly fine than I will purchase a larger one and hide it so it won't end up being claimed as a toy. 

So far these are some of the products I will be testing out for September and most likely there will be more. I need to start looking for a fall jacket to work out in so I will be looking at some deals from my favorite places and sharing them with you so you all can start putting your fall and winter work out gear together. Yeah, just because the weather is about to turn does not mean you need to retreat indoors completely or stop/slow down your work out. 

Until then, be blessed...

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