Friday, August 10, 2012

Products I Love: Friction Stick


I wear running skirts/skorts and even eventually I will be transitioning into wearing running shorts into my fitness wardrobe. The thing that has deterred me from wearing skirts, skorts and shorts is that my inner thighs rub together. Yes, yes even after losing almost 50lbs my thighs still rub together and where there is consistent friction there is chaffing and pain. One of the ladies in my running group had suggested this Gold Bond Friction Defense product but I was not quite sure about it until I put my running skort on for the first time and began to walk around in it. 

Whew! Baby bye! As my thighs began to rub together I knew that if I did not go out and get some thing to slather on them before I went out running I was going to be sorry later on. So I ran to Walgreens and grabbed this Friction Defense I put it on prior to my run and it WORKS! This product is a dream! It goes on clear, has no smell, does not stain and it washes off easily. What more could I ask for? I know there is something else out there called the Glide Stick however, I have looked for it and I was not able to find it any where in my area so I would have to purchase it online, which doesn't work for me. I need to be able to get what I need quick fast and in a hurry and for some reason it is more money online than purchasing Friction Defense at my local Walgreen or Walmart. 

None the less what ever works for you use it but if you are looking for something then I strongly recommend this product. Happy running, walking or what ever you do to be fit and may you be blessed. 

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