Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Tip: Say Click! Take A Pic!

This is a meal I made a few weeks ago. If you want to the recipe, just leave a comment saying, "what's in it?" in the comment box:)

Often times you will see me at family cookouts, parties and restaurants whipping out my iPhone and taking a picture of my plate. No, no I'm not going to post it all over FaceBook as food porn; I'm going to look at it later so I can log in my food for that meal. Though I have issues eating all of my daily calories let's not get it twisted I do LOVE food and I prefer to eat my food opposed to sitting at the table trying to get everything that is on my plate into app. 

So if you are seriously tracking what you are eating then whip out your phone and get a quick picture of your plate and/or drink and when you have time later on (or while you are letting your food digest) log in your food. 

A quick tip I thought I would share stay tuned for more. Until next time be blessed and choose to be happy. :)

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