Friday, August 10, 2012

Night Time Running Safety


Ok Folks it is starting to get dark earlier as the days pass by. We started our run a little late this evening and of course we I got caught in the dark on the trail. To make matters worse my cell phone died on me the last mile of my daggone run.UGH! 

After I finished my run I realized that I was ill prepared for night time running. I'm going to drop some tips not just for night time but for general safety purposes (this is in no order of's all important)...

1. Make sure your phone is completely charged and working properly. Granted the phone cutting off is a mere inconvenience when it comes to tracking my pace, mileage and calories. However, what if something happened? What if I was attacked? Injured myself on the trail? How would I call for help? So yes please make sure your phone is fully charged prior to going out. 

2. Mace/Pepper Spray ladies, my ladies carry it with you. Make sure it is accessible to you, just in case you have to spray a fool.

3. No pony tails. I know you may not want to sweat out your perm, mess up the weave, risk your hair reverting and pony tails are easier than wrapping your hair up. But a pony tail is a safety risk as someone can grab you by your pony tail and garner full control over you. 

4. Turn the music down! I know we have certain songs that we like and get up pumped off of. Hey there have been times when I caught myself dancing on the run trail opposed to running. What?! Don't judge me. LOL! But you need to be aware of your surroundings. You can't hear someone coming up on your out the bushes if you can't hear them coming. *shhhh with the pepper spray* Spray, run, call the po po (police).

5. Once again be mindful of your surroundings and who is around you or may be watching you. Especially if you are running with a group and you all get separated.

6. Wear reflective clothing. Wear reflective accessories, vests arm bands, a string of battery operated Christmas lights (just kidding), something to where you can be seen by bikers and drivers.

7. Run with a partner or a group. If you are out alone make sure someone knows exactly where you are going and what your route is. Make sure someone is waiting or expecting you at the end of your run. Whether they are at the trail or you have to call someone to check in please set up a system. The run does not matter if you get snatched up or ran over. Strive to live in order to run another day.

8. If you are running on the street please make sure you are running the inner most park of the shoulder or run on the inner most part of the side walk. Definitely make sure you are following number 6.

9. Take a self defense class. Makes it a Self Defense class party and invite all your friends. Learn how to defend yourself in the event some one tries to attack or they get entirely to close to you to where you have to open up a can of whip azz on them. Yes kick that azz, get/run to a safe place and call the po po (police).

10. Try to get your run in before the sun goes down.

11. Make sure you have some sort of ID or identification tag on you. 

12. If it is legal in your state STUN GUN. YES!

13. Don't let the cord to your ear buds hang out (bad habit of mine) if you can, run the ear buds up through the sleeve of your shirt so the cord will be out of site and no one can come and snatch you by the cord. 

I'm going to throw in a bonus; Car safety...

Don't let people see you put your personal belongings like you wallet, purse or money in the trunk or any where in your car. If you are going to store those items in your car please place them there prior to leaving your home to go to your run route. 

Don't leave your personal belongings visible inside your vehicle. The most wonderful time of the year(holiday season) is quickly approaching and you know that is the time the thieves are breaking into vehicles...summers and holidays I swear it brings them out. 

If you are in a group please don't leave until every one is in their cars safely and rolling out the parking space. I loved it tonight, we waited for our group mate to get her baby and her stroller in the car. No one budged or took their eye off of her until she was in her car, with seat belt on and rolling out of her parking spot. Be your sister's keeper. 

Now in being some what silly...gentlemen...I see you on the trail and yes some of you are looking quite good. If you feel as though you see some one that might peak your interest on the run trail; meet him/her at the end of the trail in a heavily populated area. Approaching someone on the trail is not cute, nor is it safe for them or you; for if they have been reading this blog they will be stun gunned packing, maced up, pepper sprayed down, self defense fresh in their head awaiting to unleash it all on you. Don't do it, don't do it. Heavily populated area in front of his/her friends so we can judge it ahem I mean see it. *looks from side to side* :)

I hope some of these tips help you out to run another day.

Be safe out there and be blessed.

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