Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Experimenting In The Kitchen: Peach Mango Smoothie!

I came in Saturday morning from my 6:30 AM group run. I was feeling a little hungry yet I did not feel like whipping out the egg whites, veggies and what not especially since I had to go back to the grocery store and finish the rest of my grocery shopping.

I some times make smoothies after a run. They can be fruit or fruits and greens mixed but after this morning I wanted something light and refreshing. What did I come up with???

Yep! Peach and Mango!

If you have a heavy duty blender then you don't have to cut the your fruit up into small cubes. I left the skin on my peach; normally that is where the most nutrients reside. I only cut enough mango to measure out to a full cup. 

Pour a cup of milk into the blender and add your ingredients ( I throw a half to a full pack of Stevia in there for a little extra sweetness). I use skim milk but you can use what ever milk you like. I have used vanilla flavored soy and almond milk for my smoothies previously to using skim milk. Once I find non fat soy milk I will be going back to using the soy milk.

Blend it of course. :) If you want your smoothie to be ice cold then you can always chop up your fruit and stick it in the freezer prior going out or you can always throw a few ice cubes in there. I don't like ice so I try to throw it in the freezer or use frozen fruit that I already have on hand. 

Serve it up! This was really good. Light and refreshing!

You can tailor you smoothies to your liking and if you feel like going the distance you can throw in some spinach (you won't taste the spinach) for some extra nutrients. 

According to the recipe creator used via this smoothies is 255 calories.

Have a blessed day on purpose!!!

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