Friday, August 10, 2012

Cross Training Does A Runner Good...

When I first began running it was already in the middle of a stringent work out schedule. I had Body Pump once, sometimes twice a week, Spin class twice a week and yoga once a week. With there being but so many days in the week I had to reconfigure my work out schedule to accommodate at least 2-3 days of running, which meant something had to let something go. My over all goal was weight loss so I was not quite sure how the running fit into my weight loss plan but I was becoming addicted to the running so after a certain period of time it just took over and I had to figure something out in terms of getting some cross training in.

I had sauntered into a Spin class one Thursday. I had not been to Spin class in weeks and the only reason why I was there was because the meterologist said we were in a code red that day (very hot, humid, extremely poor air quality) and there was no way I was going to allow heat to impede my work out so I took it indoors. My Spin instructor and I started to have a conversation about the lack of participants in class that day and that is when I found out she also trained people to run Marathons. I was like wow,  I have been out running that is why I have not been here, in hopes she would be lenient on me in class (that didn't happen).

That is when she spoke to me about the importance of cross training. She shared with me that the interval she kills us with....I mean that she has us do in class are basically her practice for her marathons and that it helps with her endurance and speed while on her run. You don't have to do spin you can get the same benefit from Yoga (they do have Yoga for runners); Yoga helps to stretch and elongate those muscles, it helps with pacing your breath as breathing is important when you run and it helps to build up your muscle endurance. Weight lifting helps to strengthen your muscles (especially your weaker muscles) which builds your endurance and all of which is important to a runner. Additionally cross training can keeps your muscles strong in the event of injury and you find yourself down....with your face pressed against the window because you want to get out and run so bad. See the addiction?

I can definitely say I have seen a difference in my pace, and breathing when I go back out after having cross trained. So I have put down all my other activities and began doing Insanity work out (in conjunction with running). Please pray for me?? LOL! I can say that Insanity is the right word for it. The work out is crazy intense but after a few days of following the work out schedule when I got back out on the pavement I could definitely tell a difference in my performance.
Word of caution, Insanity is not for every one. I won't be promoting it I will just be sharing my experience and the results I get from it. If you feel compelled to try the work out then please see your doctor first. *getting off my cautionary soap box*

I will back track with Insanity and other cross training updates with in the next few weeks and let you all know that I'm surviving the work out and how. LOL! Stay blessed all!


Anonymous said...

That was a great post!!! Like you, I am an avid workout person and had a vigorous schedule of spinning, attack, combat and body pump and recently incorporated running (5 mths ago). It was tough because trying to fit the running in the schedule and with my recent marathon training, it required me to forgo some of the other workouts. So this post was right up my alley. I don't feel so alone.

Running Is... said...

Thank you for reading. I'm glad you got something out of it. I was real hesitant to give up my cross training and I figured out away I didn't have to. After I finish the Insanity work out program I might alternate weeks with certain cross training work outs because I really do miss Spin class.