Friday, August 10, 2012

First Things First...


Get properly fitted! Please I beg of you go to a specialty running store and get fitted. Remember I mentioned that I was trying to lose 15lbs so I could enlist in the Army some years back? Well what I left out was that I did not get fitted for running shoes and I was running in cross trainers. I thought cross trainers were an "all purpose" shoe and could be worn for every sport. NOT! I had shin splints, hurt hips and a hurt back. 

Yes, they will try to sell you expensive shoes and possibly orthopedics but you can easily decline, write down what category you fall in, which brand of shoes are suggested and look at something cheaper.   Actually, hind sight is 20/20 if I could do it all over again I would have asked to try cheaper shoes on while I was testing out shoes.

Anyway, it seems that when an obstacle presents itself I tend to feel as though I got hit by something and was knocked down without the ability to get up. So after I had my gait analysis done, was fitted for custom insoles, put on these comfy compression sock (cotton is rotten...remember that) I was greeted with a price tag of almost $300. Yes I said it $300, that included shoes, insoles and socks. My first thoughts??? I'm a single mother of three one of which I solely care for by myself financially and physically. Though my job pays well I spend most of my pay check getting back and forth to the job and paying bills so that isn't helping me get what I need. 

Stop. I had to stop. The obstacle is here and instead of thinking of ways to get around it I'm thinking of all the things that are keeping me from getting around it or at least trying to get around it. After taking a step back I proposed to go back and get those shoes because I LOVED them but in the mean time I was armed with everything that I needed. I had the knowledge that I am off balance so I grabbed some gel insoles, I require a shoe that provides neutral support so I scoured the internet for the same brand shoes but in a cheaper model just to get me started. I went to Marshall's for the socks. I hit Marshall's, Ross, Walmart and Target for my gear. Where there is a will there most certainly is a way and you can do it you just find alternatives to get you started until you can make it. 

You can go to any specialty store to have a gait analysis performed; Pacers, Fleet Feet, Charm City Sports, Road Runner Sports etc. Most stores do not charge you for this and it takes approximately an hour. 

When you come in they will require you to take your shoes and socks off so if you are like me and care about how you present your feet to people then you might want to scrub and lotion...fresh pedi before you go, just a mere suggestion. Anyway they will measure your feet. Be prepared for the size they suggest as usually they will put you in a shoe that is 1-2 sizes larger than your regular size to give your foot room to expand when you run. I almost passed out when he looked me in the eye and said, "10.5" though all I heard was Sasquatch!!!

Then they will take you to this screen and have you type in your information, ask you questions about what you do or want to do. I wanted to run and I wanted to mainly run outdoors. Then he had me stand on a pad and come back over to the screen to take a look at my stance and my arches. All this time I thought I had flat feet and you mean to tell me I actually have an arch?? Go Figure. Excited to hear about the arch upset to hear that I'm off balance and literally put all my weight on my right side.

 So he suggested insoles. He whipped some out measured me and put them in this oven thingy or another.While my insoles were heating up to become pliable for molding he put me on the He instructed me to set it to a speed where I can comfortably run/jog and I did. I was up there for about 2-5 minutes. I got off and then we went to go see that beautiful bean footage that is my feet on the screen. He had a 360 recording of my stride and I got a view of all the areas I forgot to hit with some lotion. Yaaaay! So he told me that I was slightly over pronating (go here for more info) and that I he recommended a shoe with neutral support. He molded the insoles to me feet, tossed me a pair of socks to put on and ran in the back to gather shoes.

Now here comes the fun part. He brought the shoes out (about 6 boxes) popped the insoles in, had me throw them on and run around the store for 5 mins in each shoes. I was having fun as we narrowed it down to two shoes that I really loved. I mean I was head over heels in love with the Asics Nimbus 14s and the Nike Vomero 7s until I got hit with the sticker shock and had to take a rain check on everything. He wrote down the shoe brands, the socks, the insoles and gave me his name I said I would come back. Though I ended up buying shoes online and getting my socks from Marshall's I will be going back to him to purchase something because he provided me with good customer service and I'm a sucker for good customer service.

Anyway, I had the gait done. I survived. I figured out how to get around the price tag and my shoes have arrived. I'm excited ecstatic now it is time for me to hit pavement. 


Ms. Tee said...

Where'd you get the analysis done? It's great to hear you received such awesome service! I had a similar test done when I bought my first pair of running shoes but it wasn't as in depth. I bought a pair of Mizunos from a local running store, which I loved, but they were pricey. So when it was ime for a replacement pair, I ended up with some Asics from Dick's. I'll definitely need a new pair before I run another race!

Running Is... said...

I went to Road Runner Sports in Columbia, MD. You can go to Marshall's and get Mizunos for $50 or you can try, or The only reason why I have not been able to get my shoes from other places is because I'm a size 10.5 and Marshall's only goes to a size 10.